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Based on the original Mining Station map†from Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight. This can be a fun map to fight in, with many†different areas for the action to take place. This map was made to duplicate the original† version, although there are some differences†in details and traps. The map is compatible with all multiplayer game modes, but is rather large for duel games. Bots are supported


Level Info:

Download: Bespin Mining Station
File Size: 1.3MB
Date: 07/31/02
Author: Claxon
Downloads: 2170


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 9
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bobafett_765Posted: 07/31/02 16:21   Report Abuse
The JK version of this level came with the JK demo. I had the demo for about a year until I got the full version, and me and my friends would play this level every day! However, the full version allowed custom levels, and alas, this level was forgotten. But now that you've brought it back for JO, all I have to say is, um, well, I'm not sure. But it looks great!

Rating = 9, because few things are perfect and because originals are always a tad bit better. But good job nonetheless!


ReAcToRPosted: 07/31/02 17:14   Report Abuse
Glad to see the recent sweep of JK to JK2 levels, but the texturing jobs in all of them so far have been questionable. It will be difficult to compare the new conversions with the quality of the originals, until some better textures are created.


EmonPosted: 07/31/02 17:27   Report Abuse
That, and I also question whether or not this thing was JKL Imported like Nar.


sithlordx1000Posted: 07/31/02 20:49   Report Abuse
Awesome. Please make more of those Classic levels from JK and MotS. 9/10


ClaxPosted: 08/01/02 03:03   Report Abuse
I said this in the readme that comes with the map, but anyway, no it wasn't JKL import (neither was nar). It was hours and hours of compairing it with the map in JED and radiant. Otherwise It would take me considerably less than 3 weeks for each map. As for texturing, Sorry if you think my choices are poor but I stick to the ones that come with the game, because a) I suck at making textures and b) it keeps the file size down.

Anyway. Happy playing.


APowerfulJediPosted: 08/01/02 12:45   Report Abuse
Looks amazing I give it a 10 Iím going to try it out tonight does it support bots that fight and not just jump around and fight?


Twisted BladePosted: 08/04/02 16:32   Report Abuse
Rating: 9/10: Downright sexy.

I would have given it a 10/10, but it is a remake.


BocaJoshuaPosted: 08/06/02 17:45   Report Abuse
Sorry if this is too long:

Very good at the reconstuction of the map but there a few things I want to mention as contructive criticism:

1. The weapons could have been placed better, rocket launcher where the rail and concusion rifle were. Shields at normal placings. The repeater and blaster rifle near the up elevators and the ammo by the down elevators.

2. I don't know if it is possible but make the elevators' switches buttons that you can acutally press the button. And keep them so they are a Stay Call instead of a call and leave.

I still think it is a great level: 9/10


Phoenix_FlowerPosted: 05/13/07 02:52   Report Abuse
The level is decent. There could have been more detail on the crates and barrels in the upper level rooms.

I did find a problem with this:

You're looking on the floor to the left of my player.


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