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This is JediMod version 1.1. JediMod 1.1 requires JediMod 1.0 to run.

NOTE: It is strongly reccomended that you check the readme. It gives the full details of the modifications to JO.


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Download: JediMod 1.1
File Size: 571 KB
Date: 07/31/02
Author: Dest
Downloads: 5644


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 9
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EmonPosted: 07/31/02 16:35   Report Abuse
Just to let everyone know, JediMod is the mod which allows you to use dual lightsabers, lightstaffs, several emotion animations (sit, stand, kiss, nod, etc), simultainious duels in FFA, model scaling, RGB sabers and tons of other stuff for server admins.

Get this if you don't already have it!


WarriorElite1Posted: 07/31/02 18:57   Report Abuse
I gave this mod a 9 because it is the first one that allows your to use 2 lightsabers at the same time and has model scale (my favorite features). I would have givin it a 10 if this mod worked in single player.


EmonPosted: 07/31/02 19:17   Report Abuse
It's impossible for this mod to work in singleplayer, there is no SP source code to edit! You shouldn't rate the mod down because of something beyond what is possible.


WandererPosted: 07/31/02 20:17   Report Abuse
Too bad that it isn't possible to make it work for SP :-(
Just took a look in the pk3s...but if you said so then it'll be true I think.


WandererPosted: 07/31/02 20:17   Report Abuse
Too bad that it isn't possible to make it work for SP :-(
Just took a look in the pk3s...but if you said so then it'll be true I think.


EmonPosted: 07/31/02 20:38   Report Abuse
One thing I don't like about this mod is that it gets installed (by default) to the same folder as 1.0. 95% of all JM 1.1 servers also have 1.0 running, and it gets really jacked up.


THRAWN_18Posted: 07/31/02 23:18   Report Abuse
Emon, perhaps WarriorElite1 did not know there was SP Source Code to edit. Heck I didn't until just now.


EmonPosted: 07/31/02 23:59   Report Abuse
There ISN'T SP source code to edit. Part of the code is in jk2gamex86.dll, the other part is in jk2sp.exe, and if you gave out the second part of the code you'd be giving out the entire engine code, too, which is illegal.


yodaissmartPosted: 08/01/02 04:30   Report Abuse
BEST MOD... DEST if u havn't read in the lucasforums... i am planing on making a mod based off of jedimod 1.0 + 1.1


RazielNokPosted: 08/02/02 02:32   Report Abuse
Emon: (I know this is illegal) but isn't it possible to extract the code from those files?


Headless_VaderPosted: 08/02/02 16:53   Report Abuse
uhhh what dos it do i would like if the next time you actually added what it does you would have more d/l thanks -----]o


EmonPosted: 08/02/02 17:38   Report Abuse
No, it's mathematically possible to decompile a DLL sucessfully.


Kyle_2002Posted: 08/10/02 15:34   Report Abuse
It doesn't work! It just stops at the white screen, where can i get version 1.04?!


pcjedi007Posted: 08/18/02 23:17   Report Abuse
were can i get version 1.4 my game stops at the white screen


dshstrwarsPosted: 07/06/03 01:36   Report Abuse
help i cant get the mod to work it looks awesome but for some reason it comes up with an error please help my email is


The forceful1Posted: 06/14/04 22:47   Report Abuse
jaw, must find jaw. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mr. FantasticPosted: 02/08/05 16:54   Report Abuse
When I load mod it says "Recursive error after: User Inteface is version 7, expected 6"



yijiePosted: 07/16/05 13:38   Report Abuse
How do you actually have a double bladed or dual lightsaber?


HammerfallPosted: 06/01/07 18:30   Report Abuse
Before i download this, how this works against bots, cos i dont have network to play on the net :(


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