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This is the first working saber enhancement for JediMod. With this mod, your sabers will appear thicker and will resemble the ones seen in the movies.


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Download: JediMod Sabers
File Size: 400k
Date: 08/02/02
Author: Rob H. a.k.a. mariners2001
Downloads: 1723


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 6
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RazielNokPosted: 08/02/02 23:18   Report Abuse
I beg your pardon for asking, but is this just a quick-and-dirty mod just to be the first enhancement for JediMod? Would a few pixels make such a difference? I could understand if you were a borg (perfection). Come on could have included a little another skin or two or something. I don't mean to sound rude, but making the saber thicker?


mariners2001Posted: 08/02/02 23:24   Report Abuse
LOL, I did not make this mod just to be the first to enhance the sabers. Big whoop. However, I made this because the sabers in the mod are waaaaay too thin, I enhanced them. Orginally, I enhanced them just for myself, but I decided to release it because others may feel the same way. Thanks for the constructive


mariners2001Posted: 08/02/02 23:26   Report Abuse
By the way, if you want some skins, download my Jerec, Emperor Palpatine, and Raas Avlow skins.


EmonPosted: 08/02/02 23:35   Report Abuse
Looks nothing like the movies, they are just gross.

Keep in mind the sabers in your low quality AotC bootleg are much different from the real ones, due to distortions and quality loss.


mariners2001Posted: 08/02/02 23:37   Report Abuse
Emon, what are you talking about?


RazielNokPosted: 08/02/02 23:51   Report Abuse
i don't play JO anymore...I didn't rate it..I believe what I said was a legitimate question


PerfectJamiePosted: 08/02/02 23:52   Report Abuse
looks much better than that boring saber from the jedi mod! good job :)


EmonPosted: 08/02/02 23:58   Report Abuse
Oh, I thought these were supposed to be AotC sabers... I have to read more carefully.

They're still gross, IMO.


mariners2001Posted: 08/03/02 00:05   Report Abuse


sithlordx1000Posted: 08/03/02 03:52   Report Abuse
Nice job Rob, Also when will the new version of Jerec come out. (could you add the taunt from JK when he says "You cannot defeat Me!" and are you making the Emperor Palpatine model? you talked about a model release one time or another.


mariners2001Posted: 08/03/02 04:25   Report Abuse
Hey sithlord, the new Jerec skin is vastly improved upon the original and will released soon. As for the Emperor Palpatine model, it's not going as I'd hoped and I might not complete it after all.


Headless_VaderPosted: 08/05/02 16:22   Report Abuse


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