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This is JediPLUS v3.1 (formerly known as JediMOD++)

The authors are: BOFH, Dest(Original), [WD]Rage, ASk (Tchouky's mod is  also included)) BOFH's e-mail address is: (this will be the  primary mail address) Dest's email address is:

The purpose of this mod is to enhance the play of Jedi Outcast. It includes all features of JediMOD v1.2, and includes a lot more. It also fixes all of JediMOD's bugs, so it should work flawlessly.

It adds a new force rank, includes saber hilts, and has many new emotes.

(Full list of features/bug fixes in readme.)


Level Info:

Download: JediPLUS v 3.1 (JediMOD++)
File Size: 3MB
Date: 08/13/02
Author: BOFH + Various others (Email to BOFH)
Downloads: 4749


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 8
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AOTJ_CraigPosted: 08/13/02 22:54   Report Abuse
Wow, looks cool, will rate when I try.

(w00t first comment!)


mariners2001Posted: 08/14/02 00:05   Report Abuse
rip off of the official one, adds barely anything new. but at least the name changed.


mariners2001Posted: 08/14/02 03:34   Report Abuse
good god, i did read it


EHC_Gibraltar_4Posted: 08/14/02 05:57   Report Abuse
Mariner, how can you rip off something of your own making? And didn't you read the description? It's not primarily meant to add new stuff, it's also meant to fix all the bugs from the previous versions. So don't badmouth it just because it doesn't have much "new stuff" to tinker with. Good God, everyone, read the description!


mariners2001Posted: 08/14/02 06:13   Report Abuse
Hey, I've played both of these mods and this mod does not fix much at all. BTW, how is this "of my own making"?


THEFORCELORDPosted: 08/14/02 11:23   Report Abuse
What he is saying is that this mod isn't a rip off but rather an update to the old mod by the original author. There is nothing wrong with adding a small update to ones own mod to add a couple new things and fix a few bugs. It just makes it all around better. The people that rated this mod a 0 have some real things wrong with them.


NJX_HatchetPosted: 08/14/02 11:30   Report Abuse
I've played the JediMod and this ++ thing... honestly... Jedimod is alot better without this guys tweaks.

and about the "stealing someone elses mod" deal... 90% OF this mod is Jedimod by Dest. not this guy!!

2 for ***TRYING*** to add something new


GoosePosted: 08/14/02 22:18   Report Abuse
You people are horrible.

"This guy, that guy, these guys"

1. Its one man adding code
2. Its a huge difference between the 2 mods.
How can you criticize a mod you dont know?
Can i call your mom a whore if i dont know her? On your rules i can =]

This mod adds to the original:
1. Grapple
2. New Force Rank "Jedi Council"
3. Great admin features, such as
A. Slap
B. Slay
C. Freeze
D. Silence
4. Force in duels, through Cvars
5. Block and scaling codes
6. Saber Scaling
7. Funmodes
8. Tag modes
9. Kicking off walls while in air
10. Extended Blade, like corran horns

11. Plenty of Cvars. a Servers dream


LankerPosted: 08/14/02 22:36   Report Abuse
I like this, but it is missing a few things. Im sure you know these things, but i just want to say them i guess. One thing is the spinning jump thing on purple stance, you shouldnt jump as high as you do, its too hard to hit a target. It could be a devastating forward attack if you didnt jump so high. Another is, which im sure someone out there is working on, Is animations for the off hand saber. Other than that its great, i havent experimented much so good job i give 8.


saberopusPosted: 08/15/02 00:27   Report Abuse
umm.....corran didn't have ane xtendable sab, gantoris did, da one he made wit teh help of EXAR KUN! de b....

looks good, nice changes to an existing mod, credit is given, that destiny created the original, so don't dis the guy who made it.....maybe dis the mod if it's bad...



mariners2001Posted: 08/15/02 03:11   Report Abuse
No, this is what it adds:
2. New Force Rank "Jedi Council"
3. Great admin features, such as
A. Slap
B. Slay
C. Freeze
D. Silence
4. Force in duels, through Cvars

All the other stuff you mentioned was already there. Do these new features impress you so much you download this new one?? It's your call. But I sure won't use it.
11. Plenty of Cvars. a Servers dream


EHC_Gibraltar_4Posted: 08/15/02 12:36   Report Abuse
Opus, no hard feelings here, but you're mistaken. If you read "I, Jedi", you'll see that Corran DOES have an extendable blade... he wanted one after seeing that Gantoris had one, and so he incorporated that aspect into his lightsaber. But at first, the extender just didn't work out the way he wanted it to. So the mod is accurate.


EmonPosted: 08/15/02 13:52   Report Abuse
Corran does, he's right.


MousewPosted: 08/20/02 15:40   Report Abuse
Maybe I'm just dense, but I can't figure out how to get the dual-phase saber to work...


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