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A singleplayer mod which replaces stormtroopers, imperials, TIE pilots, Workers and Swamptroopers with various battle droids. The mod has sounds and dismembers appropriately, but does not affect game balance.

Author credits:
Prophet: Modeling, skins, bots, sounds etc.
Major Clod: Tags, Weighting and Conversion of Model.
RotM_Sypher: Took the time to record sounds for [Prophet] to edit [also was a beta tester].


Level Info:

Download: Battle Droid Single-Player
File Size: 6.1MB
Date: 08/16/02
Author: Prophet, Major Clod, RotM_Sypher (email to Prophet)
Downloads: 11068


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 15
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User Comments:

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FirestormTFPosted: 08/16/02 20:52   Report Abuse
As i said in the MP one... This is actually a pretty good model.


RazielNokPosted: 08/17/02 00:03   Report Abuse
First there was Chewy with C-3PO in a Kyle has a Bag-O-Droid :)


BackslashPosted: 08/17/02 00:49   Report Abuse
I was going to suggest this on the MP one. Hooray!


Greenboy_009Posted: 08/17/02 04:06   Report Abuse
*cough* super battle droid:P *cough*

BTW ten:)


BrianPosted: 08/17/02 07:13   Report Abuse


BackslashPosted: 08/17/02 16:09   Report Abuse
It was funny to hear the Droids talk about the things the Stormies did, like blasters and such things.. then you come around the corner and dismember all of them.


UncleTaiPosted: 08/17/02 21:49   Report Abuse
O..M..G..phunky...downloading(later :))

Rating: ((5+5)-(7-1))/2+8 Figga it out


PommyPosted: 08/18/02 01:25   Report Abuse
^^^^^^^^^ That would be a ten.


DG_Cal_WrightPosted: 08/18/02 21:15   Report Abuse
If I download this, is there a way to go play the game as normal. Does it work like other mods, where you can disable them?


The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 08/19/02 13:01   Report Abuse
Wright: Read the text file. I know no one does, but it's guaranteed to point you in the right direction. :)

This sounds awesome *dls it*

And, unlike certain other people, I will not rate it until I play it. (Bleh) ;P


THRAWN_18Posted: 08/19/02 19:48   Report Abuse
10 (of course)

However I have 2 problems

1.) When I cut the Stormtrooper's hand off, he falls to his knees and screams in pain. When I cut the Battledroid's hand off, he does the same except he uses the Stormtrooper sound instead of a Battledroid sound.

2.) Got a LITTLE bit of a frame rate drop when a good size of them appear.


stabilepPosted: 08/24/02 14:07   Report Abuse
I've noticed the frame drop but tis so much fun I started a new game and gave myself force powers and a sabe and turned on dismemberment and slice away its so cool to hear the droids say stupid things liek in the movie as his fellow droids are slaughtered "Your under arres----PFFFFFFFFFT"

Oops hehehe so much fun and force push just eem more fun with these guys


Hard DriverPosted: 08/26/02 23:44   Report Abuse
In the next version could you have:
-specific animations and poses(since these aren't humans)
-custom blaster rifle model(and one that I could use?)

These would be great and would make a great addition to the upcoming AOTCTC.


BTP_G_megamanPosted: 02/22/03 02:26   Report Abuse


billiebob89Posted: 06/28/03 16:31   Report Abuse
looks kool but i cant use it cuz i dont have WinZip and i dont wanna put my credit card online so does any1 know if u can buy something similar in the stores?


KaioShinPosted: 07/04/03 19:37   Report Abuse
Very impressive! The three people who did this took time out of their lives to do this. Many people don't realize that in order to create such things, you need to waste precious time of your life WITHOUT PAY.



RadagastPosted: 09/08/03 23:48   Report Abuse
Billie, search for pakscape on google, its free.


SithLord7Posted: 01/11/06 02:51   Report Abuse
Looks awesome dling!


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