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This is a fairly small map made for saber dueling. It is supposed to be an Imperial Launching Bay. There are catwalks suspended over nothingness. If you fall and the shield is not on, you die. I recommend 2-4 players because it is such a small map. I hope you enjoy.


Level Info:

Download: Imperial Bay
File Size: 34k
Date: 08/18/02
Author: Danny Bryand
Downloads: 135


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 4
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DSettahrPosted: 08/19/02 00:50   Report Abuse
Its a bit boxy, and the textures are a bit repetitive, but its not a horrible level overall. The layout is good, but it could use some more detail.


sgl_yodaPosted: 08/19/02 06:58   Report Abuse
Nice level, only thing...Who's still playing Jedi Knight? If you are, steal $40 bucks from your parents, and go and get Jedi Outcast.
*kicks the rabid womprat off his leg*
Umm...Yeah...great level...really enjoyed it


TNC_SidiousPosted: 08/19/02 09:42   Report Abuse
umm there are quite a few people still playing jk (not that i'm one of them)
some people don't like jk2!


PommyPosted: 08/19/02 20:49   Report Abuse

You do realize that Massassi originally was the JK community, and basically still is?


saberopusPosted: 08/20/02 00:12   Report Abuse
no.......but i've been in a WAREhouse...



TerraPosted: 08/20/02 19:27   Report Abuse
Both JO and JK have thier down sides, it's really up to the person if the game sucks. So it would be nice to to hear people posting saying one or the other sucks, it's your oppinion... not a fact

One thing for all you "box" haters... Ever been in a warehouse? it's like being in a big box... so as long as a person gives the level a realistic feel It doesn't matter how boxy it is.

About the level, the textures don't do the level justice. and isn't that computer screen in the second shot upside down?


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