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This will change your saber to rahn's saber (what Kyle used in JK1). This isn't mod compatible yet but I will be making another one for mods.


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Download: Rahn saber
File Size: 43KB
Date: 08/19/02
Author: PerfectJamie
Downloads: 572


Score (0-10): 10
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The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 08/19/02 21:38   Report Abuse
I decided not to dl this, basically because I don't like saber mods (just personal preference). However, I wanted to comment on it and suggest changes to the author's next work... this has nothing to do with the fact that I _FINALLY_ get the first comment ;)

1) The brightest part of the saber should be connected to the hilt... yours reminds me of a blowtorch flame.

2) In the first screenshot it looks as it the saber isn't connected to Kyle's hands at all. Is this a bad screenie or what?



PerfectJamiePosted: 08/20/02 00:58   Report Abuse
i put the saber there so you can see better :)


Rod-Wan DeattrodPosted: 08/20/02 03:20   Report Abuse
Jamie is a BOY


PerfectJamiePosted: 08/20/02 03:54   Report Abuse
thank you :p i hope people would call me a boy after this.........


PommyPosted: 08/20/02 16:18   Report Abuse
Um...I think [he] just did that to show the saber handle.

[Edit: This was supposed to go under The_Mega_ZZTer's comment]

My sincerest apologies to you, Jamie. I know how that feels :p


igniton 101Posted: 08/25/02 02:33   Report Abuse
i like how you cut down on the glow. can you tell me how to make saber mods.


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