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This is a modification for the SP and MP sabers that changes ALL the colors  to fire color, so there are no more blue or red sabers, just fire. There are  still some bugs (like the original color shadow of the saber is still that  color), I'll try to add some new sounds and fix all the bugs in the next  release!


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Download: Real fire sabers!
File Size: 272KB
Date: 08/20/02
Author: Alejandro Arango V
Downloads: 1181


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 7
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TerraPosted: 08/20/02 19:21   Report Abuse
At least it isn't another core mod that looks almost exactly like the one you normally get.


YodacrunchiesPosted: 08/20/02 19:32   Report Abuse
Fine looking eye-candy


JabberwockyPosted: 08/21/02 07:09   Report Abuse
Eh, if you're going to do it, do it in one fell swoop. Unless a saber mod's perfect in most respects, and noteworthy to boot, it's really not worth the bandwidth, considering the number of perfectly acceptable alternatives that already exist. That said, there's nothing in particular that'd make this worse than other somewhat unfinished saber mods, and even has at least a little work behind it, which is better than some of the things I've seen. Don't be discouraged if this isn't at the top of any 'awesome mod' lists, but I'm sure you know that.


EHC_Gibraltar_4Posted: 08/21/02 12:05   Report Abuse
Whoo! Wow, Yodacrunchies wasn't kidding... that IS fine looking eye candy. You mentioned you had to make a couple of bug fixes... I suppose that this means you'll be releasing another one. That being the case, I'm going to be a little picky and say I feel sort of disappointed that there's no variety of color. Don't get me wrong, it looks great... I'm just wondering what purple fire would look like. Or blue, or red... It's your call, of course, but do you think you might take tht into consideration?
Once again, it looks great, and I'll rate it as soon as I d/l it.


Oobi-Doo KerosbiPosted: 08/21/02 16:55   Report Abuse
i'm really tired of "flamesabers" "reborns" and other stuff that exists 100 times and is always the same...


EHC_Gibraltar_4Posted: 08/21/02 18:47   Report Abuse
Don't knock it if you haven't tried it. No one appointed you to be a critic on the numbers, only on the quality.


Wolf DevilPosted: 08/22/02 01:06   Report Abuse
It don't look that good compared to lightning saber mod w/ orange saber... But I'll give ya a 4 for effort


BeowulftheBardPosted: 08/22/02 11:24   Report Abuse
If somebody came out with a reborn/saber mod i too would win some bets.


LegoBrick1Posted: 08/22/02 22:51   Report Abuse
Not another fire saber mod! But it does look better than others I've seen. Very relisitic too. I give it a 10


LegoBrick1Posted: 08/22/02 22:52   Report Abuse
Not another fire saber mod! But it does look better than others I've seen. Very relisitic too. I give it a 10


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