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Kamino, an isolated world, its existance clouded by deception and intrigue. The landing platforms of this stormy planet have long proved popular for saber duels.


Level Info:

Download: KaminoX
File Size: 4.0MB
Date: 08/24/02
Author: DeTRiTiC-iQ
Downloads: 4003


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 26
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User Comments:

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RuShPosted: 08/24/02 23:41   Report Abuse
Sweet another awsome Kamino very cool


PommyPosted: 08/24/02 23:46   Report Abuse
w0000nderful. Muahaha /me had the honor of posting it.


AOTJ_CraigPosted: 08/25/02 00:02   Report Abuse
Uhh the skybox doesnt seem to work at all. It comes up as gray boxes. Help please.


BummerPosted: 08/25/02 01:34   Report Abuse
gets a nine from me. it's a great replica of the movie scene. if only you can get it to work on free for all, then get an obi wan skin with the jango skin, then do all of that cool battling stuff


Cougar_BoyPosted: 08/25/02 01:51   Report Abuse
I think it's pretty, but there are some more things I would have liked in the level: More game modes then just duel, rain, more to the level (inside, underneath the platform etc.).


EmonPosted: 08/25/02 03:17   Report Abuse
Wow, a Kamino that doesn't suck! 10!


AOTJ_CraigPosted: 08/25/02 03:45   Report Abuse
Please help me with my problem if possible


sithlordx1000Posted: 08/25/02 05:17   Report Abuse
"Heheh, Good, Hehe, GOOD!" (bastardly Emperor laugh) This map is pretty damned awesome. I agree there could have been a little more detail here and there, but you get a very good 9/10!


GoofzPosted: 08/25/02 08:33   Report Abuse
One of the best pure duel maps out there. Cool.


livingdeadjediPosted: 08/25/02 11:19   Report Abuse
hmm when i download this map it just downloads a jpeg ???


livingdeadjediPosted: 08/25/02 11:23   Report Abuse
Ah thats better =]]
Hey DeTRiTiC-iQ i could make the lower part of the platform where obi 1 falls to. then we could make corridoors back up to the platform =]]
ill test map now but i will give it a 10 on the skybox alone =]]
One thing is the landing pad looks slightly small but ill see when i play. In film its very very big


DeTRiTiC-iQPosted: 08/25/02 15:11   Report Abuse
A Few Things:

1) I don't know what's causing the skybox problem, nobody else has told me of any problems..

2) I was planning to do the interior and lower levels, but the tris count is already pretty high since its already almost 100% patches. Its not an impossibility though

3) I haven't added the music from Ep2, because as far as i'm aware its illegal to do so...

4) LivingDeadJedi, if you want I could email you the map file, you already have the rest of the resources anyway.


ZellPosted: 08/25/02 16:49   Report Abuse

That Kamino has "Jango's Escape" from AOTC...



RazielNokPosted: 08/25/02 18:45   Report Abuse
DANG IT POMMY! Stunning Det, if I could play JO i'd rate it a 10.


DeTRiTiC-iQPosted: 08/25/02 19:58   Report Abuse
I know that Kamino has the Jango music, that doesn't make it legal though.


FatManBobPosted: 08/25/02 23:36   Report Abuse
One thing to say... Cool =)

Rating: 10


KOP_SnakePosted: 08/31/02 07:35   Report Abuse
I like the level, but the skybox doesnt seem to work for me either :\ Its just pitch blackness outside of the landing platform though, I dont get whatever gray stuff they were talking about.


livingdeadjediPosted: 08/31/02 11:47   Report Abuse
A map with music is only illegal if that map is making the person money.

But ive got permission to use the music from Lucasarts HEHE


TakimotoPosted: 09/03/02 13:52   Report Abuse
Great to see the level is a success. I can't download it, because the college dorm I'm at doesn't have internet access, and I'm typing this from the library. But, I'm glad you used my skybox. :)


SithLord7Posted: 09/27/02 16:21   Report Abuse
Wow this is the coolest aotc lvl yet. I mean you can go to jediknightii.net and there's all these aotc lvls but 80 percent of them are really bad. This is excellent. Does it have bot support? This has to be THE best dueling lvl I've seen for aotc. I like the background with the stormy waves and the clouds that seem to mold perfectly with the horizon. Keep up the good work, i hope to see more lvls from you in the future. I'd give you a 200 but the highest I can go is 10. so here you go 10.


The Digimon EmperorPosted: 11/28/02 21:43   Report Abuse
This is a very impressive replica of the pad on Kamino. One thing would've made it better though - rain. That would be the 'icing on the cake'. Happy Thanksgiving!


TakimotoPosted: 02/25/03 23:38   Report Abuse
Hey, great looking level! 10! Glad you were able to make use of my skybox! :)


WandererPosted: 03/25/03 21:43   Report Abuse
A very cool duel-level!!! :-)


Spi WaterwingPosted: 05/09/04 17:26   Report Abuse
If it's Kamino, you need rain. RichDiesal has a tutorial on rain, if you are gonna make another map out of this.


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