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AT-AT Pilot as seen in Empire Strikes Back. This is a tweak of the Raven "stormpilot model", recycling, tweaking and recolouring some textures that came with "Jedi Outcast" (Mostly stormpilot and Trandoshan), with a few brand new textures thrown in for good measure. Includes colour team, "atatpilot" bot and utilises "stormpilot" sounds.


Level Info:

Download: AT-AT Pilot
File Size: 1.2Megs
Date: 08/25/02
Author: JP-30
Downloads: 2633


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 18
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Snake-EyesPosted: 08/25/02 12:59   Report Abuse
I gave this a 10, simply because it was well done, and this is one of my favorite Imperial characters, even though these guys were hardly even seen in the movies. Keep up the good work.


Wolf DevilPosted: 08/25/02 13:34   Report Abuse
Nice.. I wont exactly play it though. But I just thought I'd say you did a nice skin :). And an 8 too


[US]Silenced_FuryPosted: 08/25/02 13:50   Report Abuse
great job! very detailed and the screens are really cool.


Oobi-Doo KerosbiPosted: 08/25/02 14:43   Report Abuse
simple.. but great :D
keep up the good work.

by the way, 10


jp-30Posted: 08/25/02 21:31   Report Abuse
Thanks for the comments! It was a pretty easy skin to make, and it's my first one. A good opportunity to learn how to skin, write bot files, get it in-game, and still come out with a useful playable character at the end of it.

I have some more works-in-progress to look out for over the next month or so;

Aunt Beru, Slave Leia, Crix Madine


Aragorn327Posted: 08/25/02 22:35   Report Abuse
10, really nice job.


Pat-FettPosted: 08/25/02 22:35   Report Abuse
Great skin. I give it a ten. :)


RazielNokPosted: 08/25/02 23:45   Report Abuse


Joren DarkStarPosted: 08/26/02 17:00   Report Abuse
Good job. Still, I think you should have based it more off the TIE fighter pilot than the Stromtrooper, as the TIE pilot is a closer match to the AT-AT driver.

Anyway, Its still a nice job. 8/10


jp-30Posted: 08/26/02 20:24   Report Abuse
Umm. It is based on the TIE Pilot (Stormpilot) model. See the box on the chest & air tubes? The Trooper model doesn't have those, nor the flared gloves. :)


meesterwongPosted: 01/21/03 21:52   Report Abuse
wonderful looking skin. high fidelity here.

mw the troll


Jedi Knight_JoshuaPosted: 01/28/03 09:59   Report Abuse
Excellent skin 10! Please someone tell me how to make skins!


TSCPosted: 08/08/03 15:39   Report Abuse


The Seventh BlessingPosted: 10/20/03 19:50   Report Abuse
Very good Skin i give it a 9


SpyderFreakPosted: 03/23/04 06:37   Report Abuse
Great skin! So awesome... I probably won't play it (like someone (forgot the name :( said above), but it's sweet none the less!



SithPosted: 05/21/05 22:44   Report Abuse
When i saw AT-AT pilot, i figured it would be a stupid stormtrooper looking thing. It looks like a stormtrooper and is obviously based off of that model, but it looks awesome.
I give it a 9.


metallica909Posted: 04/09/07 00:57   Report Abuse
Great job on the model, I was wondering if I could use it for my upcoming mod?

heres some info about the mod

I starting modding the sims two about a month ago and then I decided it would be more fun to make mods for outcast. The mod is a different one but im planning to make it a total conversion, ive got the models but some of them arent working right and I sorta want to make new maps too. If there is anyone who is interested in helping make maps, models, or helping at all with this mod then please contact me at I would like to tell you more about this mod but I will save that until you email or message me just to keep it origional and not let the mod idea get out. Sorry I cant fill you in more but if you get back to me then I will be sure to fill you in. Credit for the models goes to everyone here at as well as marzmarshall for his inspirationally good models. Marz if your reading this, keep up the good work.


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