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The New Republic spynet has detected a new threat. A fragment of the once powerful Empire has set up a hidden base in the Mountains of Zelaskata. It is rumored that they are producing NurgonX2 a highly explosive gas that can be used in a new type of Proton Torpedo. Leia Organa Solo has secretly sent Jedi Master Kyle Katarn to Zelaskata to secure the base. Through the Force both Luke and Leia have sensed something has gone wrong...

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Download: Legends of the Force: Journey to the Zelaskata Mountains
File Size: 1.7Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: BoBo Fett
Downloads: 7007


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 17
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captainvbPosted: 07/14/00 11:53   Report Abuse
This is great.
Good Enemies,characters,story and weapon placement.The only bad thing is that there are only 2 "Legends of the Force" levels out there.
I WAN'T MORE!!!!!!
Come on BoBo Fett I need more good levels


OuterRimYunPosted: 07/14/00 22:06   Report Abuse
A very good level!


Sura BoyayPosted: 07/31/00 17:26   Report Abuse
This Level is one of the classics.


Sauron the GreatPosted: 08/11/00 00:22   Report Abuse
Maybe I'm a retard but I can't figure out where to go! I've killed everyone in the base, unless there is more base I haven't seen. But the path I followed just took me outside again! Am I missing something???


Seanboy5Posted: 08/14/00 19:18   Report Abuse
This level rocks!!!!! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!!
The only gripe I had was not giving luke the heal power. But that is minor. Everything else was great. A new skin for the face on the dark jedi at the end would make this level on par with anything lucas puts out.
On a 1-10 scale this is an 11 and a halve.


BattleAxePosted: 08/20/00 03:19   Report Abuse
THIS IS A GREAT LVL!! Only prob is: i can't get pass it!!


Sith ScoutPosted: 08/30/00 02:25   Report Abuse
It is realy fun!!!


matt_kenobiPosted: 09/20/00 06:06   Report Abuse
The Remnants of the Empire are the best Jedi Knight user made levels ever....I used to get this mixed up with them,I thought it was a level from it.


MandalorePosted: 10/01/00 02:04   Report Abuse
This is a very good level. Of all the levels I have seen, this is one of the better ones. Original plot, all new enemies, lots of fun things. Download it now!


bibblianoPosted: 10/04/00 12:09   Report Abuse
I thought think this level is very poor! I do not like it one bit. All you do is get in and that's it?????? Very boring. I give this 1/10
Very poor


ErucolindoPosted: 11/03/00 19:35   Report Abuse
This level is very cool. The Guy had done it very well. Good placement and all of enemies and weaponry. It was fairly challenging also, which is a good thing. But i don't think any level will beat Planet Sith...
(get the sarcasm people)


DarkPhoenixPosted: 03/13/01 20:43   Report Abuse
My review for this level at



Dice_IbegonPosted: 04/11/01 20:15   Report Abuse
This level was very cool, youre a good level maker but in both of your levels Legend of the Force, there is no ends...but I loved it, the skin and the textures were ok. But why do you say its Kyle?? This is a Luke skin.


Dice_IbegonPosted: 04/11/01 20:48   Report Abuse
OH MY GOD, Im sorry Bobo, Im so stupid. I havent seen that hole on the seeling..!! Finnally, this was a very good level, I give it 9/10. I love a level finishing with a saber duel. And Kyle was so funny running like an idiot in his little room lol. It was one of my favorite level, the only thing I dont like is that there is no secret areas and no objectives...but its ok, do other levels. !! YAY


guapoboyPosted: 04/28/01 00:30   Report Abuse
I thought that this level was GREAT!! But it was just too easy to get inside. It took me about 5-10 minutes to find the way in. But that was probably because I had the invincibility code on and the weapons code on. I would suggest that people who like easy levels download this one cause it's real easy to get in. I just want the editor to know that this was an excellent level especially the graphics. I didn't find anyting that was wrong with the graphics. But just a suggestion to the editor, if you make anymore levels, please make 1 that's hard cause I like the hard levels.


YWL_ConnemaraPosted: 05/25/01 18:15   Report Abuse
This level was not bad, but not outstanding. Except for that one part where you hafta break through the ceiling in the control room, this is not very original at all.

However, the A/I in the final battle was fairly good, so all-in-all I give it a 7.


TomPosted: 06/25/01 06:01   Report Abuse
I'm going to have to alienate myself from every other person here by saying i had a lot of trouble enjoying this level. The enemy placement is what really got me: When i first saw the Maylock on the ice planet, i smiled. Then, when a Kell Dragon attacked me in the cold, i chuckled. By the time the Tusken Raider started shooting me, it was full-fledged laughter. Really, the architecture was pretty good, and story line and the plot were good, but you don't need to put every enemy under the sun in a level!


H.Q. PendragonPosted: 06/27/01 05:07   Report Abuse
This tom guy above me ^^^^^, is right about the enemy placement. And I was wondering about the snowtroopers. Why only three, and have millions of stormtroopers? if there is snow, you need snowtroopers. Sorry to sound like i'm stealing some stand-up comic's whole monologe, but "What's the deal with that?" Until I read the page, I couldn't win. Very good placing I might add. So, keep up the good work.

Oh yea, and that rating, *drum roll*...................... "10"!!!!!


H.Q. PendragonPosted: 06/27/01 05:19   Report Abuse
And What's the deal with 'YWL_Connemara'? His exact words were "where you hafta break through the ceiling in the control room, this is not very original at all." HAAAA!
I never would of thought of it. I mean, come on. It's not like everyone knows that if you can't get to a certain place, you just shoot the celing and a magic leper says, "I'm lossing all of my fingers and toes, but you being the wisest man of all time can just beat every level with ease..." Sorry if I sounded mad, but come on and give this guy a break.
And again, awsome level!!!!!


Silver_DragonPosted: 07/09/01 19:03   Report Abuse


Grendles FriendPosted: 08/01/01 16:30   Report Abuse
WORST LEVEL EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Admiral_Ackbar_Posted: 08/01/01 17:38   Report Abuse
Stupid lvl


SMOCK!!!Posted: 11/15/01 23:34   Report Abuse
looks good but im stuck. im in the base but im stuck where there are a lot of consels. what do i do?


SMOCK!!!Posted: 11/15/01 23:59   Report Abuse
NM about the advice. O btw, AT-ST's or whatevr aren't driven by commados


SMOCK!!!Posted: 11/16/01 00:04   Report Abuse
I stuck on the same part sauron the great is! tell me what to do plz.


Dark Light StrikePosted: 01/25/02 18:24   Report Abuse
Could someone please tell me where the hole is in the ceiling of the control room?


iron_jediPosted: 02/06/02 04:23   Report Abuse
fantastic with only one gripe......
i found that there was an abundance of enemies in one place and not enough in others.
like when you start off and there are only a few here and there.
the only reason i don't like too many enemies in one place is you have a bit of trouble hacking them all to death without getting damaged too much, call me crazy but hey.
i gave it an eight. it would've been ten if there was a few more health and sheild pick ups. otherwise i look forward to more from you Bobo.


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