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A short trailer featuring four levels from the Cantina Cloud Cartography Pack. You can find more information about this at it's website. This trailer REQUIRES the DivX codec, which can be downloaded at

Level Info:

Download: CCCP Trailer
File Size: 4.2MB
Date: 09/02/02
Author: Arby
Downloads: 2510


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 22
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SpeakPosted: 09/02/02 04:10   Report Abuse
In Soviet Russia, trailer loves you!


FarixPosted: 09/02/02 04:10   Report Abuse
that CC intro is swank. :p


GonkPosted: 09/02/02 04:13   Report Abuse
Damn that trailer is sexy..


JipePosted: 09/02/02 04:14   Report Abuse


Forty-Six and 2Posted: 09/02/02 04:39   Report Abuse
Best Soviet-Russia themed trailer I have ever seen!


AdunPosted: 09/02/02 05:23   Report Abuse
WOW! This is the first time I've heard of this level pack and I'm very impressed! The levels look great and I'm sure the creators of this pack are equally sexy.

10! 10! 10!


Lord_GrismathPosted: 09/02/02 12:28   Report Abuse
Da, Comrades! I assume that this is going to be a .GLM model of a Soviet trailer vehicle? ....right?


RiViNPosted: 09/02/02 12:41   Report Abuse


CorrectionPosted: 09/02/02 13:10   Report Abuse
haha, very snazzy.

after watching this, an idea comes to mind. . . JO movies! :0 (just a thought)


mscbuckPosted: 09/02/02 14:15   Report Abuse
That, is a very very very well done trailer. And, the levels look awesome! i feel bad for that jango fett player :P. always geting killed. The lobby level looks well done. i even saw some debris fly when they hit the columns. I give it a 10.


DarKreTwelPosted: 09/02/02 14:47   Report Abuse
Spaceba mui droog! I loved it!

10 :D.


NorthChaosPosted: 09/02/02 15:38   Report Abuse
If you're going to see one trailer during this year, make it this one!


TNC_SidiousPosted: 09/02/02 17:58   Report Abuse
sniff its so unfair! awesomeeeeee!
10 all the way!


lateralusPosted: 09/03/02 02:22   Report Abuse
Simply amazing job.
Arby is THE MAN!


fourwoodPosted: 09/03/02 02:47   Report Abuse
Who is that Stormtrooper crouching to the left in the lobby level? And the one with the flag? Sooooooo sexy.


GonkPosted: 09/03/02 20:18   Report Abuse
but..but.. the stormtrooper who is on the right (and who dies first) and the bespin cop who gets sniped is VASTLY superior in every way, except in sheer fro-age..and..well..everything else..


DracPosted: 09/03/02 23:32   Report Abuse
The bounty hunter is sexier than both stormies AND cops combined.

I tell you what.


WazzitPosted: 09/03/02 23:59   Report Abuse
But... that Jedi has a cute butt.


TNC_SidiousPosted: 09/04/02 09:55   Report Abuse
how do you make movies of jk2?


NJX_HatchetPosted: 09/08/02 03:29   Report Abuse
this level pack looks incredible... especially if you guys put HALF the work into the levels that you did this trailer!!!! IT ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!! nuff said!!! 10/10


NJX_HatchetPosted: 09/08/02 03:29   Report Abuse
oops... double post


Gee_4cePosted: 09/13/02 17:08   Report Abuse
Now I'd LOVE to make a JO movie; but *sigh* my disc is scratched for some reason; anyone know where I can get a replacement?

Anyway's, that CCCP intro is suh-waaaaan-kay! (note the careful letter positioning lol) but no really it ruled, and for some reason I was gearing up for a Soviet Mod and all of a sudden there's the lobby from the Matrix; awesome!

Very good, and yes, I feel sorry for the Mandalor as well :)

Da Comrade, it is the glory of the Soviet people :)


DingnatePosted: 09/16/03 23:56   Report Abuse
well, this certinally a great work


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