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I added team support and a skull face for this version. I also made the flames on his torso rise up and put a new taunt in, "You Will Die!".


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Download: Flameborn 2.0
File Size: 715KB
Date: 09/03/02
Author: Orange_Demon
Downloads: 1476


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 9
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TNC_SidiousPosted: 09/03/02 18:22   Report Abuse
i give this skin an 8! its pretty good!
the joints on the boots are a little dodgy!
(w00t first ever first comment :D)


Lord_GrismathPosted: 09/04/02 00:19   Report Abuse
Unless they've been released in rapid succession (think Kyle Katbot ;]), I see no problem with updated versions of mods of this nature, as they are improvements that were thought of after the 'final' release.


BummerPosted: 09/04/02 00:30   Report Abuse
Looks about the same as last one. 7. boy you're gonna get flamed (no pun intended). for releasing this.


TerraPosted: 09/04/02 05:21   Report Abuse
Much better then the first one.


EmonPosted: 09/04/02 05:28   Report Abuse
It looks just like the first one. ZERO.


Oobi-Doo KerosbiPosted: 09/04/02 09:42   Report Abuse
One word: crap
One rate: zero

Another Reborn skin.. sorry. I mean another stupid Reborn skin.
Don't you people have fantasy?


hawkofwarPosted: 09/05/02 00:11   Report Abuse
better than the last but still need work in some spots. I doubled my rating because you tried to make it better, and succeeded.


sithlordx1000Posted: 09/05/02 23:12   Report Abuse
C'mon people. Give these guys a break. Stop being so damned critical. And to that one that went through the whole "shpiel" that could of easily been said in a sentence, go to hell. It is not a level and it's not JK. These persons are just trying to get better. 8/10


BummerPosted: 09/06/02 01:57   Report Abuse
It looks good but theres just the thing where the arms look seperate from the body, know what i mean? like it would look better as a 1 piece suit.


SithLord7Posted: 09/23/02 16:22   Report Abuse
Nice but a little mismatched. I keep on getting the err message Connection Interrupted.


JidePosted: 07/09/03 00:05   Report Abuse
i think its pretty good. i think its loads better than the last 1 (even if it looks the same) beacuase i am a big ctf/tffa fan
7/10 Y? cuz its a reborn


MattDettorrePosted: 07/14/03 15:26   Report Abuse
maybe some of you are blind
there is a face and the eyes glow yellow which is cool


Chaos ZeroPosted: 10/05/03 13:22   Report Abuse
Quick question before i d/l, do the flames move like on the binary trooper?

10-They do
7-They don't


SithPosted: 05/21/05 22:50   Report Abuse
WHAT were you THINKING! Not another crappy Reborn skin. Don't make another one.


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