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Included in the new features for this version are the jetpack, full damage control system, projectile speed control, the downstab move, a clear-saber bugfix, fixed saber blades, and the ROTJ Bowcaster skin. Read the read-me for all the authors of this mod.


Level Info:

Download: JediPLUS v3.4
File Size: 3.2MB
Date: 09/09/02
Author: BOFH, Darcious, Dest (And More In The Read-me)
Downloads: 8031


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 8
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Wolf DevilPosted: 09/09/02 04:37   Report Abuse
Fire is comin out of Anakin's butt!!!


tse__r2d2mattPosted: 09/10/02 23:41   Report Abuse
all i go tto say IS SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!i give it a 10


Willard1975Posted: 12/31/02 04:03   Report Abuse
Best mod i have seen yet. The dual sabers is the one i like best, but there are tons of other nice functions as well.

Highly recomendable.


JaguarPosted: 03/05/03 01:17   Report Abuse
A good saber mod. Also tons of emotes and other nice extras. JediPLUS could become the SBX of Jedi Outcast.

Good job.


Draco429Posted: 04/10/03 23:26   Report Abuse
Well, from what I can get it to do, it's awesome. But how do you use the Jetpack and the Grappling hook? I give it a 8 out of ten, the only problem being mine.


optikalilluzionPosted: 11/08/03 09:16   Report Abuse
Looks great! Um, I may sound stupid, but I'm a newbie to Outcast mods. Where do they go? Base folder?

(10 outta 10, bud.)


DarkRagePosted: 04/04/04 09:06   Report Abuse
I haven't downloaded it yet , but sounds nice so I'll give it a 10 . optikalilluzion and draco429 u have to get these files into a folder in ure game data dir ( for ex ,,jedi pack 3.4 '' or whatever and start the mp and go to setup , mods and there u see the folders. Click apply


Raptor2213Posted: 01/23/05 05:57   Report Abuse
Hello, I just downloaded this, and I'm trying to get the dualsaber part of the mod to work, and ever time I type /dualsabers in the mod, it tells me that that is a invalid command, what gives?


Mr. FantasticPosted: 03/16/05 00:40   Report Abuse
When I load mod it says "Recursive error after: User Inteface is version 7, expected 6"



vadermanPosted: 08/25/05 13:56   Report Abuse
How do you use the jet pack? The readme doesn't explain very well.


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