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Facing Worlds from Unreal Tournament.


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Download: Facing Worlds
File Size: 1.9MB
Date: 09/11/02
Author: FIA_LEMMING715
Downloads: 955


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 10
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RedClawPosted: 09/11/02 03:02   Report Abuse


BummerPosted: 09/11/02 05:24   Report Abuse
9 for good replication. i just don't hope it wasn't a converted from the real UT map. otherwise, your gonna get a bad email from them!


BlindGraphicsPosted: 09/11/02 05:29   Report Abuse
Who here can say Copyright infringement?


TNC_SidiousPosted: 09/11/02 17:02   Report Abuse
hey you lot stop rating this thing 0 cos you [i]think[/i] that this level is straight converted from ut. hes stated that its the same level from ut but you don't know that he converted it. rate it what u think as a level or replica.


Darth VedderPosted: 09/11/02 18:48   Report Abuse
brrr. horrible lighting...


sithlordx1000Posted: 09/11/02 22:16   Report Abuse
I know. What a bunch of no talent bums. They could not make anything if their life depended on it. They did not convert it, this is way to buggy. They modeled it after that level. Stop making false accusations you losers. (Copyright...Errr) Dum Ace


hawkofwarPosted: 09/11/02 23:18   Report Abuse
Ummm... the skybox isn't there (the skybox is a BIG part of the original map), lighting problems, and texture problems (heck look at the screenshots)


FIA_PIZZA1Posted: 09/13/02 02:03   Report Abuse
call me biased if you will, i think this level is great

FOR ONLY THE SECOND LEVEL from this author

yes there are bugs as stated above but every level at this point in the relese has one bug or another

I know for a fact that it was not straight taken from UT(as suggested above)because i was asked for advice throughout the process of making the level. and if it was wouldnt every single thing be exact with the UT level. and i doubt UT runs on the same level engin (but hey i could be wrong)

yes it does need work, but i have fun playin on it and thats all that really matters no? do you download levels to stand there and say "wow look at that the angel on that wall is perfect" or "wow i rember there being a red pixil here not maroon" If you cant see at all then yes there is a problem. If The entire map is zfighting well then you have a problem,

If i can see what im shooting and i have fun doin it, it gets atleast a 4, this map took alot of effort that i saw.

lemming here is a promising level maker, i hope to see more and better things in the futurue


FIA_LEMMING715Posted: 09/13/02 19:58   Report Abuse
EH! I didn't convert this directly from UT
(obviously). And i know there are lots of graphical and lighting issues but this is my second map so leave me alone. I want to work on it and stuff so i might try to re-release the map. or something. but other than that back off. i'm trying. if you want ZM me(FIA_LEMMING715) with comments.
and thanks Pizza


FIA_LEMMING715Posted: 09/13/02 20:20   Report Abuse
I know how to use the clipping thingy...just lazy. and i will have the lights anyway i want to!


FIA_LEMMING715Posted: 09/13/02 20:21   Report Abuse
I know how to use the clipping thingy...just lazy. and i will have the lights anyway i want to!


SavageXPosted: 11/21/02 06:00   Report Abuse
That's not a really good attitude to have as a level author. Even though I think everyone here is beng way to harsh (something that seems to be the case with most of the levels that get comments here), you got to realize that the opinions of the players that will play your level is far more important than you own. You're producing a product that other people are going to use. If you don't listen to them, they aren't going to like what you produce. Keep that in mind when making levels.

As for you UT remake, it looks pretty good. I think you used too much spot lighting or light sources with too small of a radius. I think you should have used the nebula2 sky box that Raven has created for JO. However, over all, I think it's a good remake. I'll give you a 7.

-- SavageX


SwedishborgiePosted: 02/12/03 18:03   Report Abuse
Awsome level as for architexture.... but you totally ruined it... you had ton's of clipping problems, and your lighting was HORRIBLE. You definatly need a skybox... until this map is redone it gets a 5.


Darth DevilousPosted: 11/12/03 15:27   Report Abuse
small suggestion: for the ighting of the bit in the middle, put a single light in the middle, set it's "light" to about 1000 and set it's "scale" to something between 0 and 1 (you will probably need to change the vals a bit). Or set the worldspawn's "ambient" to something.


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