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In the middle of a sparse jungle lies the outpost wookie village built to keep tabs on the empire. Right below the village lies a small abandoned imperial complex used as a power supply to other nearby bases.


Level Info:

Download: Wookie Village
File Size: 4.6MB
Date: 09/11/02
Author: The Mute
Downloads: 2302


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 4
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Logo By Rieekan [http://www.outpostd34.com/]

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Shadow89Posted: 09/11/02 23:53   Report Abuse
This is a very good map. Love the Morrowind music. The secret area was sweet. However the AI only jumps. THEY NEVER STOP JUMPING! A very good map, very creative. I give this map an 8 out of 10. Good job!

First Comment w00t!


EmonPosted: 09/12/02 00:07   Report Abuse
Looks pretty cool, but...

Ripping music from other games is illegal.

It's spelled "Wookiee", not "Wookie".


Shadow89Posted: 09/12/02 01:59   Report Abuse
oh. Good level Anyway!


stabilepPosted: 09/12/02 21:15   Report Abuse
*proceeds to drool* Nice level wish there was bot support though but I liek the music even if it was ripped Morrowind had excellent music now I wanna play again...pretty looking level... Add support for bots plz :D


hawkofwarPosted: 09/13/02 00:35   Report Abuse
OMG, Massassi.net is just now getting this file? Its been out for nearly 3 months on jediknightii.net, even longer on jedioutcastmaps.com


WussPosted: 09/13/02 01:18   Report Abuse
The screenshots remind me of Rivin.


ThreeDeePosted: 09/13/02 02:50   Report Abuse
Hawk, Massassi just got it now because it was just SUBMITTED now. They don't just grab files off other sites.


the_mutePosted: 09/13/02 13:22   Report Abuse
Actually i submitted this level at the same time as i did to jedioutcastmaps.com, in fact i submitted it here twice, but its only been uploaded here now


TrigePosted: 09/13/02 16:56   Report Abuse
The level looks nice, I didn't rate it since I didn't download it. However, I don't want people mistaking this level to be part of my wookie levels (spelled wookie because it's a race of creature that I made up, not a wookiee or whatever from starwars.) I have spoken.


PommyPosted: 09/17/02 00:42   Report Abuse
Uh...the_mute, I assure you, I posted this several minutes after it came into the levels box. You couldn't have submitted it several MONTHS before, because we were refreshing the file box over and over during the summer (due to boredom), and we never once saw your file.


SithLord7Posted: 09/23/02 16:18   Report Abuse
These new levels keep getting better and better. must dl 10


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