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A duel map set in some ruins on Yavin.


Level Info:

Download: Duel_Ruins
File Size: 352KB
Date: 09/21/02
Author: RedEyeJedi
Downloads: 702


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 1
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redeyejediPosted: 09/21/02 21:13   Report Abuse
hi this is my first map ....i didnt have anyone around that could test it out with me! .. i was wondering if some one downloads it, if they could leave a message here, or e-mail me if theres any problems with it! I was actually wondering about the spawn points if both of them were working properly!


saberopusPosted: 09/21/02 21:51   Report Abuse
i would be happy to test it with you, sometime on the weekend (email me @ kgmoller@attbi.com

maybe tomorrow, or today if you are available

Looks very nice overall, save for that incredibly large stretch of the 'damaged rock' texture.....



Jack SwiftPosted: 09/27/02 17:13   Report Abuse
I just released my first maps a couple of weeks ago, and if this is your VERY first map, it's pretty good. I have some maps that are not released because I view them now, and they are really boxy or just crappy in general. My favorite part of this map is dueling with my sister over my LAN in the green fog/under bridge area. If you stay on this theme you could probably make a decent ffa/ctf map.


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