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A medium sized level, consisting of 1 room with many obstacles such as catwalks, water, crates, ramps, and much more. It was designed to be a fast-paced and tight gunning level. This level was intended for 2-4 players.


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Download: Danger Room Guns Edition
File Size: 101 KB
Date: 09/23/02
Author: NuLL
Downloads: 209


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NuLL_TDJPosted: 09/23/02 01:25   Report Abuse
This was my very first level, so its not very pretty. However, its VERY VERY fun if you get 3 people playing. If your into level-looks, check out "Danger Room Saber Edition" the :sequal: to Danger Room Gun Edition.


joetech1000Posted: 09/23/02 13:03   Report Abuse
Whoa! This is good!



Blood_AspPosted: 09/23/02 23:03   Report Abuse
my little nullay... good effort, and a fun level to boot. good start, now make another level!


NuLL_TDJPosted: 09/24/02 06:29   Report Abuse
Well like I said. This was my first level and I didnt really understand cleaving and all that. I released this before i released the saber edition, and as i was working on the saber edition i learned alot of new tricks. If i had the oportunity i would go back in time and tell myself not to submit the guns edtion and work more with terrain instead of 3d0s. In the saber edition, the ramp and catwalk and walls are ALL terrain. The only 3d0s i used were the powerups and the crate in the middle.


Twisted BladePosted: 10/02/02 00:40   Report Abuse
You see... well, just... it's kinda... no.


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