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Dark, fast-paced, and stimulating. This small, open duel level features psuedo-gothic architecture that complements the great layout. Bot support included. Expect more levels shortly.


Level Info:

Download: Gothic Waltz
File Size: 318k
Date: 10/08/02
Author: David "Ulicqeldroma" Peters
Downloads: 823


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 3
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Chibi MuroPosted: 10/08/02 23:20   Report Abuse
hey, very good 9/10


saberopusPosted: 10/09/02 01:01   Report Abuse
simple yet elegant, i give it a 7 for lack of dynamic detail. Very good level.


ulicqeldromaPosted: 10/09/02 02:54   Report Abuse
It's my first level, it works well for MP duel. THe architecture is simple yet beautiful. It flows, like haiku, through it is small in length.

Some errors I've noticed in my own level I hid(or tried to):

-Mistexturing of the center catwalk's endcap pieces.

-Bot support works well on the base levels. The bots don't seem to want to get up on the upper parts. (Sorry 56kers, I did try!)

-You hit your head on the sky with higher force jump aloocations.

Hopefully, I 'm objective.

*I didn't vote in posting this*


hawkofwarPosted: 10/09/02 23:14   Report Abuse
looks alomost too simple


TerraPosted: 10/10/02 07:14   Report Abuse
usually simple is best


ulicqeldromaPosted: 10/11/02 00:16   Report Abuse
It looks simple, really simple. However, some things took time. Mostly stitching (to which a few errors remain.) This level was more of a project for me to test out new architectural styles (like Gothic Revival's step-bp-step guide to arches.)

It make look simple -as stated before- but it's haiku. Short and poetic.


Barry BrienPosted: 08/09/03 12:29   Report Abuse
I so gothic architecture though. A little misleading.


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