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I have finished my new Single Player Map/Mod for Jedi Outcast, it's a LADDER Type Map.

Here are some of the Features:

- Map-Name: "The Challenge in Jedi Valley"
- Based on the Jedi-Valley Map, but completly new mapped.
- over 100 enemies in more then 25 waves. 
- Cutscenes
- correct Mission-Objectives
- heavly scripted
- new NPC's without replacing the old NPC's (About 20)
- new Game-Menu with difficulty settings

This Map/mod is in a PK3-File with correct Folder-Structure. There are all the files you need to play this mod including new NPC'S, models, Skins etc. inside the pk3. In the Zip-file you find this pk3-file + readme-files (english and german). I have added Credits to all mappers and skiners, whose work I used in my mod.

This File was tested by many gamers. Here you can read some of the responses at:

Please send me your feedback to:


Level Info:

Download: The Challenge in Jedi Valley
File Size: 15.7MB
Date: 10/11/02
Author: Darth Arth (Artur L.)
Downloads: 11829


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 27
Rate: Click Here

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User Comments:

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Sef_HalfmanPosted: 10/11/02 04:16   Report Abuse
Holy crap! This level is amazing! I love it! 10/10!


zizzy34Posted: 10/11/02 06:37   Report Abuse
cool, played very nice, looks good


Chibi MuroPosted: 10/11/02 12:48   Report Abuse
thats awesome, 10/10 no doubt


NakTawiiPosted: 10/11/02 13:45   Report Abuse
Oh my god!
Valley of the jedi!
This level is AmAzInG!
10/10 FOR SURE :)


BelecthorPosted: 10/11/02 15:10   Report Abuse
Wow. That's all I can say. As soon as I get home from school, I'm downloading. (Even though it's 15-something Megs and I'm using a 56k modem.)


NakTawiiPosted: 10/11/02 16:24   Report Abuse
One thing...
You should make the beam of the valley power like in the final when you meat desann and if you push the two blocks on hte side the steam of power come from the celing..too bad but its still AmAzIng


Gee_4cePosted: 10/11/02 22:36   Report Abuse
It's a lovely idea but you need a HEFT system to get it to work at it's best. Thankfully I'm finally ditching my old rig and getting a new one next week, but playing this on my current setup is impossible. As a result I had to go into the God setting on the menu to have half a chance; and even that turned off after using the Force Beam! I just couldn't be bothered to go through it all again. Perhaps when I'm sitting on somethin a little better, I'll play it and rate it, but I won't now.


JMaNtK421Posted: 10/12/02 06:27   Report Abuse
GREAT level

Those oversized stone-like reborn freaked me out.


wudanPosted: 10/12/02 14:14   Report Abuse
Gorgeous. Absolutely Awesome.


JS_ChesireKatPosted: 10/12/02 16:47   Report Abuse
this level effing rocked. the variety of enemies was incredible and fighting ontop of the pillars was so much fun. make more.


Conehead2187Posted: 10/12/02 19:54   Report Abuse
Great level, but Mara dies unacceptably too much. Great amount of detail in the level though! I give it a 9!


DougPosted: 10/12/02 21:32   Report Abuse
Help!!! I can't load the mod. It does not show up as being available. Any ideas?


dreetje31Posted: 10/13/02 11:17   Report Abuse
Very,very good, it really rock but I am having trouble keeping mara alive. I am sure I will get the hang of it soon enough. This level looks like the real deal, Activision could not have done it better (they didn't)
only thing is why does Kyle sound like Jar Jar when I play?????? Can I do something to make him stop doing that??

Oh it another mod interfering with yours, problem solved


RazielNokPosted: 10/13/02 15:16   Report Abuse
I RARELY ever rate a file. I usually comment on it. This one, however exceeded my expectations, therefore, earning it a 10!

Sadly, i can only get to the white reborn :(


Vader130Posted: 10/13/02 22:06   Report Abuse
Very nice, it looks like a lot of work was put into this one. My only complaints are that mara gets killed too quickly and some of the enemies don't attack, but that can't really be helped so I don't hold it against you. The enemy lineup got a little repetative, but the costom enemies like Maul and Yoda made it worthwhile. Good work, keep more coming.


LJ_Stryker_006Posted: 10/14/02 17:05   Report Abuse
ehm... i put it in the GameData dir, just like it says in the readme, went into SP, and there was no mod to load...

i also tried to do the shortcut thing, but with XP, i can't find the command line thing.

somebody pls help


zizzy34Posted: 10/15/02 20:54   Report Abuse
awesome, just plain love it


Tensen01Posted: 10/15/02 22:37   Report Abuse
Absolutely love it... But, hey, is there any way to spawn the NPCs? Like Yoday and Darth Maul and stuff? If there is let me know.


Trigger Happy ChewiePosted: 10/19/02 17:31   Report Abuse
OMG!Rate it a 10 just by screenies, will download and play and give more feedback!


Hard DriverPosted: 10/20/02 14:53   Report Abuse
Best Jedi Outcast SP level yet. Although the cutscenes could have used work and the voice cues were recycled from the game, you did a better job at this than most even try. It sounded like there were a few times you might have added your voice to be Kyle's near the end, but that wasn't too distracting. But one question: How did good Yoda join up with the good guys near the end(he's supposed to be one with the Force) and why does he use lightning? Wait, that's two questions! Anyways, it's good to have a ladder map with at least some plot and I like how you added cutscenes to make it story-driven the whole way through. If you ever make non-ladder maps I'll also download those because your visual style roxorz, too.


Hard DriverPosted: 10/20/02 15:00   Report Abuse
/me chants "LotW, LotW, LotW!"

Anyone support me?


Gee_4cePosted: 10/27/02 16:17   Report Abuse
Well, I've got my faster PC; time to try it...


WedgePosted: 10/30/02 04:49   Report Abuse
I second that, Hard Driver. This has level of the week written all over it.
Score: Perfect 10


Katarn's clonePosted: 10/30/02 23:15   Report Abuse
Great level. but way to hard. the girl reborn on your side always dies within the first 6 waves and i am good to. hey, how'd you make the cutscenes?


MoDaNPosted: 11/01/02 11:28   Report Abuse
to spawn npcs activate cheats (devmapall) and then type (npc spawn [name]


Tensen01Posted: 11/11/02 04:54   Report Abuse
Yes, well, MoDan, that is very hard when you don't know the name of the NPCs in this particular level... And I just use "Helpusobi 1"


Katarn's clonePosted: 11/12/02 00:18   Report Abuse
Anybody wanna tell me how to submit levels? (need full info).


SithLord7Posted: 12/03/02 20:48   Report Abuse
Wow!!! This is truly amazing( I haven't even played the level yet!) I hear ya there Belecthor. As we speak, my crappy 56 is still dling the thing. oh well, waddaya gonna do eh?


AKPiggottPosted: 12/14/02 22:57   Report Abuse
I don't mean to sound bitter, but this is just another ladder level glorified by cutscenes and custom models. It's certainly a fun way to kill ten minutes or so... but it certainly doesn't deserve the 10/10 rating that everyone keeps giving it...

This is still probably the best JO SP level I've played, but that's not saying much.



Dr@GoNPosted: 12/15/02 18:20   Report Abuse
I dont know how to make it work i downloaded it then what????
Somebody please help me send me and mail


RogoffPosted: 12/30/02 16:52   Report Abuse
How many levels (maps) is it??
And does the ordinary cheats work???....


DrBleemoPosted: 02/09/03 22:27   Report Abuse
Have to say I agree with Akpiggott on this one. While it is very nice and certainly fun, there is only so far you can go with ladder levels. I cannot wait for Sine, Gonk and Piggott himself to get their single levels out they look great. Still this was about the best thing so far so i gave it a solid seven.


H.Q. PendragonPosted: 04/08/03 19:20   Report Abuse

Like all the rest of the JK fans, after seeing the VotJ Core in JO, and not even finding a multiplayer level of it with the game, I wanted more. Making it the VotJ Core earns it a steady 3. Filling it with the thousands of Desann's followers earned it a 4. Difficulty settings gives it a 1. Makeing the game easy for people to win...0. I can't find any stragity other than Invuln. and repetitive saving. People love a good challange, but don't love having to munch on major "Innate Jedi Dust."


NNPosted: 06/27/03 20:14   Report Abuse
The level sounds great and I have downloaded it. However it does not show up in my mods list inthe game, so I cant play it.

Any help appreciated.



KaioShinPosted: 07/06/03 03:35   Report Abuse
Using famous custom skins in a level will get you GREAT results...

the famous yoda skin, cheshire vader, more done by Arco...

This ladder (surprisingly) has a storyline to it! Well, somewhat...

The architexture in the level - it's a big polygon, but who cares? The custom textures of the old jk statues redone add a classic touch to the game.

Gameplay - Another ladder game. Well, this one is more exciting, and has more than just reborn and tavion... much more...

Fun - Never want to stop until you finish.

Credits are annyoing, but it shows you the famous skins are from - blah blah...



GoldorPosted: 07/12/03 11:19   Report Abuse
I didn't played it yet, but I wanted to help those guys...

You have only to put all the files of the level into the Gamedata/base directory, fast and easy, and just start the single player in the menu, the mod will start automatically.


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