Fort Stress

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A CTF level set in two forts.


Level Info:

Download: Fort Stress
File Size: 979KB
Date: 10/18/02
Author: MONTAR
Downloads: 836


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 7
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IGF_MONTARPosted: 10/18/02 23:53   Report Abuse
I hope you guys like my map its not much but I'm learning


bobafett_765Posted: 10/18/02 23:58   Report Abuse
Pretty good for a first level, at least judging by the screens. I won't rate it until I test it though, which won't be until I can get JO working again. Are those my energy pillars I see in screen 2?


IGF_MONTARPosted: 10/19/02 00:02   Report Abuse
yeap thats your prefabs I put you in the readme file


Sapien01Posted: 10/19/02 00:53   Report Abuse
*S* Not bad Montar, not bad at all.

My rating is 7 for it, but dont get me wrong thats a good rating to me =P *S*


IGF_MONTARPosted: 10/19/02 00:56   Report Abuse
thanks hopefully my levels will get better with time and practice


MONTARPosted: 10/19/02 15:12   Report Abuse
I can't belive I got 24 downloads already thanks guys.


conquistador204Posted: 11/23/02 05:06   Report Abuse
i personally like this level, the acid and the bases are really cool
this level was well designed for a first timer!


Darth DevilousPosted: 11/12/03 15:27   Report Abuse
When I looked at the first screenshot I thought that it was a Q3 conversion (can't remembe the name of the map). But it doesn't look bad and the 2. Screeny convinced me that it isn't just a conversion.


SpeedmaggotPosted: 06/26/19 20:40   Report Abuse
I really enjoyed this level. It's not perfect, but it is a lot of fun.


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