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This is one of my first levels, and I encourage you not to give up while looking for the secret areas!


Level Info:

Download: Digital Homeland
File Size: 9.1MB
Date: 10/19/02
Author: D1G1T4L_CH40S
Downloads: 1416


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 7
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saberopusPosted: 10/20/02 01:21   Report Abuse
not bad for a first level. I like the feel of it, but it needs more ......detail i guess.

7 out of ten.


LP JediPosted: 10/20/02 16:53   Report Abuse
very nice for a first level. Looks great. Yes, it does need a little more detail, but the size makes up for it i think.



RogoffPosted: 12/20/02 16:33   Report Abuse
This level is really good.. But my lightsaber looks wierd, its color has changed to grey!!! Why, is it wrong mod???


PhantasmPosted: 06/27/04 18:41   Report Abuse
I love this level!!! But I pnly gave it a 9 because you need....more in this level...perhaps putting a hidden maze underground would do it...also it needs more secrets!! But over all very cool.


KnightHammerPosted: 01/26/09 10:39   Report Abuse
Enjoyable, but not much more.


chaoticmythPosted: 03/02/09 05:32   Report Abuse
Hey I'm the original creator of this map, and 6 years later I have finally found it again after losing it thanks to the help of someone on a forum!

Just wanted to say in regards to peoples comments, there IS a hidden underground tunnel in this map. In fact most of the map is hidden underground and it's where I put most of my detail into. The Entrance is below the double story pillared slab and on one of the pillars is a button which opens a hole in the ground!

May as well tell the entire secret because after just playing through the map again it's pretty complex.

Once you get through the hole in the ground below the pillared platform, you get to a boxing ring. On the right side of the boxing ring is a different coloured texture, destroy that and you can go under the ring, in the center is a destroyable square which lets you into the next elevator. Once you are down here it is pretty tricky and in hindsight I made it too hard, but it's a long corridoor and once you get to the end of it, it appears to be a dead end. but backtrack 1 hallway and on the right hand side (as you come towards the dead end) is a slightly different coloured texture on the wall, destroy this and there is a button press it and then run to the dead end with the weapons and it opens the final room which is quite hilarious to look at you will see why if you get there.
There is another minor pointless secret on the left side after the third pillar you can destroy the wall and it leads to a glass room which I guess I made for people to fight in or something, but it's pretty pointless.


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