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A duel map set in a Jedi Temple containing a shrine and a crypt in the lower area. It was designed as a duel map, but its good for 4 player FFA saber fun as well. Bots are supported.


Level Info:

Download: Duel Messaja
File Size: 830 KB
Date: 10/21/02
Author: Tee
Downloads: 1628


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 13
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AOTJ_CraigPosted: 10/21/02 01:04   Report Abuse

I don't know what to say...its..just..


CorrectionPosted: 10/21/02 01:50   Report Abuse
The screenshots alone (here and what I've seen on the forums) make my horny. . .

[after playing it]


MaxisReedPosted: 10/21/02 02:05   Report Abuse
Stopped me from playing UT2k3 for an hour. You are a golden god.


Sapien01Posted: 10/21/02 02:35   Report Abuse
boy there sure are a lot of Jedi Temples in the Galaxy :D hehe

great job on the level, rating: 8


EmonPosted: 10/22/02 01:22   Report Abuse
10...it rocks.

Please, PLEASE submit it to other sites if you haven't, the more people who run this map on servers, the better!


The Lone RoguePosted: 10/23/02 23:35   Report Abuse
Simply beautiful. Bravo.


WandererPosted: 10/27/02 11:59   Report Abuse
A very good level!!!!! 10!!!!!


saberopusPosted: 11/02/02 19:08   Report Abuse

How did you do the lighting?!?!

wonderful. I give it a 9, for usage of an old subject matter.

I'm not gonna actually rate it as a 9, because i don't want to pull down the rating.

......that lighting.....ohboy


-[Cowboy]-[Bebop]-Posted: 11/05/02 16:25   Report Abuse
Is 10 even enough? This level deserves like 50. Great lighting, kick ass textures. This level owns. I hope to see it on the servers so i can start sab0ring nubs in the upper level. SACRIFICE THE NUBS!!!!!


Sifo DyasPosted: 11/07/02 09:02   Report Abuse
Looks great.
Not too big.
Not too small.
Plays great -Isn't a CPU hog.
It's everything a great map should be.

That's worth a 10 in my book!


KeepaduPosted: 12/24/02 15:50   Report Abuse
Makes me wish I was there....


joe of loathPosted: 04/26/05 15:05   Report Abuse
this comment is for the monty pyhton fans; he's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!


joe of loathPosted: 04/26/05 15:05   Report Abuse
sorry, couldn't resist. looks good! 10/10!


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