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A seven level JO MP pack created by the Cantina Cloud. Included are the following levels: Matrix Lobby, by Void. Return to Mt. Kurek, by Jeff Walters. Gaspoet, by Dracard. Inexistence, by Gonk. River of Blood FFA, by Wazzit. Sanctuary, by Gonk. And Evening Glow, by Tee. For more information check out the CCCP's official site -


Level Info:

Download: Cantina Cloud Cartography Pack
File Size: 21 MB
Date: 10/21/02
Author: #Cantina_Cloud
Downloads: 3557


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 29
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mscbuckPosted: 10/21/02 02:17   Report Abuse
I would just like to congratulate all you author's of the levels for making such a great pack of levels. They are truly enjoyable. Great work


DentianPosted: 10/21/02 02:18   Report Abuse
All I have to say, is; sweeeeet.


CorrectionPosted: 10/21/02 02:20   Report Abuse
Wow, I refreshed the page as it was being added! Heck I even saw it before the file was uploaded! I feel so special! (I didn't get first comment though because I was playing it..)

Ok, anyway, I have been waiting for this ever since I heard about it, and pretty much this is the best I can think of to sum it all up..

CCCP is nothing but perfect.
In Soviet Russia, CCCP downloads you!


lateralusPosted: 10/21/02 02:21   Report Abuse
Wow. Just WOW.

Cantina_cloud strikes again :)


sithlordx1000Posted: 10/21/02 05:19   Report Abuse
YES!!! HAHA!!!


Wolf DevilPosted: 10/21/02 05:51   Report Abuse


TNC_SidiousPosted: 10/21/02 08:41   Report Abuse
this is so discouraging. it makes me want to give up editing jk2 :( its tooo good!



GhostOfYodaPosted: 10/21/02 11:14   Report Abuse
W00tness! I gave it a 10.


DeTRiTiC-iQPosted: 10/21/02 13:57   Report Abuse
omg, errors in Tee's map.

Some awesome levels, but again I think too much focus on eyecandy instead of gameplay.
The CTF map has the bases far too close together with nothing forcing you to use the lower route.


RedClawPosted: 10/21/02 22:10   Report Abuse
I've been hearing about this for awhile, and now it's finally here! Too bad I've been playing Morrowind instead, so I probably won't be playing JKII until I build my new PC. Until then, though, happy mapping, modding, skinning, and slashing!


UbuuPosted: 10/22/02 01:28   Report Abuse
You down with CCCP?! Yea you know me! You down with CCCP?! Yea you know me!

Score +10 for the -ites.


Jodo Kast_JDPosted: 10/23/02 03:34   Report Abuse
Its kind of a Tribes 2 rip.


Jeff WaltersPosted: 10/23/02 06:29   Report Abuse



Gee_4cePosted: 10/23/02 21:11   Report Abuse
Aha Comrade, the People's 56k Modem is letting CCCP Download You but at the moment it is only 60% :D

The People will report back when it is finished Comrade, but they are VERY interested.


SlugPosted: 10/23/02 23:04   Report Abuse
Jodo's right. Tribes 2 had 3 dimensional environments that you could move a humanoid player model through and fire weapons at other humanoid player models. The fact that this map pack supports multiple people makes it even more of a ripoff.

Also, what the hell are you talking about, Jodo?


TmanPosted: 10/25/02 07:05   Report Abuse
This was an over all Great map pack! most likely the best i have ever seen! I did find two flaws in both of gonks levels though. very small almost un noticable things. the first i found was in his CTF level if you are on the blue team, the left hallway just two of the grates on the sides if you look down them, you can see a home effect. the seccond flaw was in his yavin temple looking level very awesome! i think this was my most favorite level out of this pack. but in the court yard you can walk through the trees, other then those tiny little mistakes this was THE best map pack i have ever seen and will see until their next release!


TokiPosted: 10/26/02 12:46   Report Abuse

BTW, congrats on LotW!


Gee_4cePosted: 10/26/02 20:18   Report Abuse

That means 'download this NOW' in English.

I give it LotW! No really I have :D


lordvaderPosted: 10/27/02 00:29   Report Abuse
In Soviet Russia, CCCP rates YOU a ten.


saberopusPosted: 10/28/02 01:47   Report Abuse
two words:

luv lee.

Looks mighty fine, and so was the trailer of course!



MrRavenXPosted: 10/28/02 23:00   Report Abuse


NamadoorPosted: 10/31/02 18:36   Report Abuse
All of these levels are great, and have many hours of enjoyment in them. Good job! I am adding a perfect score of 10!


Joren DarkStarPosted: 02/11/03 21:01   Report Abuse
Meh, too much hype.

Anyway, The flow and framerate were lacking in some areas, so I gave it a seven. Arci is pretty good though.


RuShPosted: 09/09/03 15:47   Report Abuse
The Framerate lacked but arch was good now thats a messed up statement


beanstheclownPosted: 10/20/04 00:21   Report Abuse
THESE LEVELS ROCK!!!!!!!! I love blowing up the pillars in matrix level and the rest are just plain cool. I give it a 10 for it's awsomeness.


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