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This Lord of the Rings pack comes with 11 skins, among them are Legolas, Lurtz, Nazgul, Uruk-Hai, Boromir, Aragorn, Gilgalad, and Enron. This pack also comes with new swords to replace the sabers, and hilts to go along with them. You must have "Dynamic Lighting" off to experience the full effect of the mod. These sabers use JediMod as it's base. In another patch, I have included the swords just as replacements, not using the JediMod.


Level Info:

Download: Lord of the Rings Pack
File Size: 25.7MB
Date: 10/22/02
Author: KOTORMRJay
Downloads: 7510


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 9
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KOTORMRJayPosted: 10/22/02 04:01   Report Abuse
you must keep in mind that this saber mod thing is the blades and hilts the full swords are just that the full swords and they go with the sword base.There is also a bonous player in with the swords.I left everthing in individual pk3's for eaiser replacment of players as original models become avaliable


JS_ChesireKatPosted: 10/22/02 19:57   Report Abuse
amazing dude, we need more LOTR gear. someone should make a mod that includes magic. the new mmorpg Middle-Earth Online looks amazing.....*drools*....


Lord_GrismathPosted: 10/23/02 00:39   Report Abuse
Excllent work, KOTORMRJay! I'm glad to see that you were able to put my resources into practice and build upon your own, however the nature of this release has left me wondering whether you intended to release this independently of the LotR TC. We should combine our efforts, and ideally the rest of us should have had warning of this mod's release, allowing us to release relevant maps and such in conjuction.

Come to the LotR Forums (this goes to all staff members as well as you, jay):


To further discuss this, as I am somewhat unsure of the path that the TC should take from here, and would like some feedback on the matter.


Lord_GrismathPosted: 10/23/02 00:40   Report Abuse
Wraa... I posted twice.


Keith MarshallPosted: 10/24/02 03:47   Report Abuse
Great job man,this is awesome! There are only two problems though. 1.The file size is GIGANTIC! 2.There are no hobbits man! You can't forget the little people! If Sam isn't in this level pack, he is probably drowning somewhere.(have to see movie to get that). Besides those two problems though, this is a superb,must have level pack with excellent mats. I proclaim thee the ring barer.Thous deserve the royalties and riches of the Dwarves! I here by give thee a 10.999999999999999999999999999999999999 and 1/2.(for no hobbits) P.S. Luv them swords man!


KOTORMRJayPosted: 10/25/02 18:54   Report Abuse
Chek the swords for a how to use post(in comments)


_CorranHornPosted: 10/31/02 02:05   Report Abuse
This is a great mod!! You are awesome for making a Lord of the Rings mod. There should be millions of LOTR mods out, but most people are idiots. You're the only maker of LOTR mods on Massassi and I think that alone deserves a 10. (I would have given you a rating of 65, but it only goes to 10)


ComputerSlayrPosted: 11/03/02 05:53   Report Abuse
Enron? I thought it was Elrond... Oh well I guess he must be bad at math...

PS I gave it a ten this mod rocks!


SarumanPosted: 02/01/03 21:25   Report Abuse
GREAT JOB!!! Lord of the Rings!!!!!!!!!

Boromir was my favorite, especially attacking several Ringwraiths and Uruk-Hai,
"Curse You!! Curse You!!! Curse You!!!" That was so cool. Maybe you, as the master of Lord of the Rings mods, should make a TC. Also, can you change the weapons to medieval type, like they did to Jedi Knight?
i'd give you a 100 but they only come in tens.


Paintedgoat89Posted: 04/02/03 21:08   Report Abuse
how do you activate the swords i looked in the readme but i couldnt find it and it sux playing with invisisble sabers and if i wish how would i turn the mod off?


NoobPosted: 01/25/04 14:26   Report Abuse
id give it a 8 u must have spent some time on it but the skinz r not deatailed enuf


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