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These are the swords and hilts for the Lord of the Rings pack as just stand-alones. These also do not use JediMod as a base.


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Download: Lord of the Rings Pack Sword Stand-Alone
File Size: 4.5MB
Date: 10/22/02
Author: KOTORMRJay
Downloads: 3952


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 7
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Chibi MuroPosted: 10/22/02 03:10   Report Abuse
the swords and skins look awesome, 10/10


KOTORMRJayPosted: 10/22/02 03:57   Report Abuse
I think it is important that i mention that the stand alone and the jedi mod both have the bonous player in htem KNIGHT OF GONDOR as well as the blades pk3 goes with the hilts pk3's to make up my no patch sword mod based on saber colors and the others are just hte basic swords with sounds(sword base and swords go togther )and(hilts and blade mod go togther)


WandererPosted: 10/23/02 17:12   Report Abuse
Yes, this is really good work! I give 10!


wudanPosted: 10/23/02 18:52   Report Abuse
Excellent. Were you the one who gave Grismath permission to use the Boromir and Aragorn skins for the Lord of the Rings Mod?

I tried like a week and a half ago to breathe some life into that Mod, but it'll be too long in coming for it to be out, probably never.


KOTORMRJayPosted: 10/23/02 19:50   Report Abuse
yes I dod give him permission as well as he has my permission for all the new skins and swords I did as well


KOTORMRJayPosted: 10/25/02 18:50   Report Abuse
To put to rest all fo the problems people seam to have or answer questions that keep geting asked I am posting this:

The blue saber color on both sword styles( full and hilt ) have been only slightly altered so that you can have the Sting full sword with the blue glow( orcs are close) or the Sting hilt with a blue glow(blue color) you can also have it without the blue glow by simply changeing the color (red ,green,yellow ,etc.) on the hilts I made the green saber color a non blue glow Sting style blade .
Now as far as how to set up the hilts for non mod you need 2 pk3's in the base 1 being your preference of hilt (Sting_hilt,Ranger_hilt,etc.) the second needs to be the pk3 called"blades" this will set up the mini mod thing I made for "NO PATCHERS" but it also works well in patch games as well.(mini mod is based on combining saber colors painted as sword blades and sword hilt models)This is for fun(dont take it too serious) to allow you to have a game where every player has a slightly different sword.(similar to what you could do by reduceing the size of the sword on certain players with jedi mod but this way the blades dont look like miniture versions of everyone elses sword but inteirly different blades!
in order to get rid of the glow on the floor you must have dynamic lights "OFF"
The full swords are prety much the same way, you need 2 pk3's(for no mod) 1 being your choice of sword (Sting,Strider _felowship,Etc.) and the other being the pk3 called "Swordbase" and the blue line is left on (tweaked to match the sword "Sting" for the same reason to allow blue glow to Sting.
On the jedi mod versions only 1 pk3 either the jedi_mod_full_swords or jedi _mod_hilts. they both have the sabe data as the no patch/no mod swords but I put it all in the 2 pk3's.(it would have 8x my data if I did that to all the no mod hilts and swords) you can only have "1" of these options in your game data base at a time(j.m.swords,j.m.hilts,no_patch_swords(sword base),no_patch_hilts(blades)) secodly there I have altered the cursor adn the level load screen to match if you dont see the difference exit and rechek you files in the base folder.final note if you are useing jedi mod 4.00 or lower the sounds work but if you are useing jedi mod 4.01or higher than they don't(the mod must have some conflicting sound data)
I hope this helps and slows down the huge amount of emails I got about how to use this,but if this doesent answer your question please fill free to email me and I will try to help.
P.S. dont forget there is a player skin in with the swords "KNIGHT OF GONDOR" and if you have trouble downloading the full thing I have it broken up at jk2files.com


yam manPosted: 10/29/02 15:13   Report Abuse
The skins are very well done. Impressive, and most entertaining to use. Nice job.


zaine6Posted: 03/16/03 06:19   Report Abuse
I think this is outstanding, i spent ages trying to find a Lord Of The Rings mod in anyway and i finally found one. But is there a way i can download some of the character mods sperate because it would take me ages to download the 25mg pack! Im dieing for Legolas and more!


JediKnightBennett14Posted: 05/14/05 22:45   Report Abuse
Rating: 9

Why not 10? The mod has a bug. My opponents' sabers just... dissapeared. :/


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