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A duel map set in an underground control station, deep below the surface of an unknown planet. Sonar pings and the sounds of clashing lightsabers are the only sounds that break the silence of the murky depths. The map can also be played in FFA, though there are no powerups of any kind...


Level Info:

Download: Duel Abyss
File Size: 3.7mb
Date: 10/23/02
Author: Mark "Gonk" Fanucci
Downloads: 1747


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 8
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GhostOfYodaPosted: 10/23/02 22:51   Report Abuse
Pwnage. Utter Pwnage.


bobafett_765Posted: 10/23/02 22:51   Report Abuse
Looks beautiful, just like all your work. Grrr... :-)

My JO isn't working now, so I can't test it, but from the screens it looks great.


Jeff WaltersPosted: 10/23/02 22:56   Report Abuse
Pure SEX. So much so it should be rated NC17!


TokiPosted: 10/23/02 23:22   Report Abuse
Looks fantastic.


SithLord7Posted: 11/14/02 17:04   Report Abuse
Wow gonk this looks like an awesome lvl. The change of environment is almost startling after all the castle ruin type textured lvls that came out after the game. It's nice to see something new. Excellent work 1000000000!


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