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There are NEW FEATURES for the Ancientsaber!!!
1. All the HUDs now have the Ancientsaber logo, even the MP menu.
2. There are completely new lightblades for the mod, smartblades and sabertrails.


Level Info:

Download: Ancientsaber V3
File Size: 681k
Date: 10/27/02
Author: Wanderer
Downloads: 3953


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 4
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Logo By Rieekan []

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:.T.U.C.K.:Posted: 10/27/02 22:26   Report Abuse
Just wondering, what is the skin in those screenshots?


RedClawPosted: 10/28/02 02:16   Report Abuse
That's the NightElf model. You can get it at


Hard DriverPosted: 10/29/02 15:08   Report Abuse
I thought you said you were doing those other sabers, Wanderer! This looks good, though. Will download it ASAP.


WandererPosted: 10/29/02 21:38   Report Abuse
Yes, that's right! The Dragonblade-Mod. Actually I had two mods in stock :-)

I thought, improving the Ancientsaber with my new smartblades might be a good idea...
Now the Ancientsaber is complete!


WandererPosted: 02/01/03 16:08   Report Abuse
Hey people! I built up my new Homepage now.
It's a MSN-community.
I will soon add more sabers there. One new sabermod 'Shadowsabers III' and others...
click here -]


EvilisgoodPosted: 10/05/03 21:31   Report Abuse
Excellent mod, the saber is really awesome. If any of you want to see a REEEEAAAAAAAALLLLL close up on the saber-handle, heres how u do it. You switch to strong style, then pan the camera down as far as it goes, since strong style has kyle hold the lightsaber high, this allows you to see the detail of the saber handle. Anyway, great mod, i downloaded it as soon as it came out, and i still love it.


Lord_UltimarePosted: 07/30/04 10:32   Report Abuse
Hey this is cool. i give it 10/10!


bomberPosted: 04/14/05 14:43   Report Abuse
nice effort, great detail in every way, i give it a 8


041591Posted: 04/29/07 14:37   Report Abuse
excellent work, i love it


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