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This is the third Bruce Lee skin I made, I dont know why but I thought a ghost Bruce Lee would be cool.  This skin has 6 custom taunts, pain sounds, team and bot support.


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Download: Ghost of Bruce Lee
File Size: 1.1MB
Date: 10/29/02
Author: Jah Warrior
Downloads: 1111


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 8
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Chibi MuroPosted: 10/29/02 02:39   Report Abuse
the transparentcy looks awesome, 10/10


The Lone RoguePosted: 10/29/02 04:18   Report Abuse
Sweet effects, though I can't agree that it looks a lot like Bruce Lee. Nice job, though.


zizzy34Posted: 10/29/02 13:15   Report Abuse
kinda does look like bruce lee, but the effects are sweet. keep them coming


yam manPosted: 10/29/02 14:28   Report Abuse
NIce effects, although Bruce Lee with a lightsaber must be an interesting sight. Heh Gj.


THRAWN_18Posted: 10/30/02 05:14   Report Abuse
Hmmm...10 because it looks good, however I do have a couple picks.

The lips in that first picture look a little warped, it might just be the image though.

Also, he looks like he is wearing more of a Civil War soldier's outfit with the buttons, Chinese outfits didn't use buttons but rather knots. They'd tie a rope into a knot and slip it through a hole on the other side and it would stay in place.


KHORGPosted: 10/30/02 16:48   Report Abuse
eh... I don't like it, I think it'd look better if he had no shirt on and those eyebrows are too big i think, face reminds me more of michael jackson than bruce lee

edit- i had a look at the other bruce lee skin you made and the face was way better even if it was copied


jotdanielPosted: 10/31/02 00:46   Report Abuse
From those screens he looks just like Prince(or whatever the hell he calls himself nowadays.)


FIKLYPosted: 03/15/03 04:48   Report Abuse
nice job


alan renaldsPosted: 06/28/05 14:10   Report Abuse
nice skin. the transparancy came out nice.


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