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A product of boredom. The level is not big, but it's a lot of fun. It's designed for a maximum of 8 players is a sabers arena. It's an arena floating in space, surrounded by moving energy fields you can step and fight on. This is a pretty suicidal level.
Special thanks to my brother for the inspiration.

Warning: This level contains a lot of bright flashing colors.


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Level Info:

Download: A Space Thinger
File Size: 143kb
Date: 11/05/02
Author: Cave_Demon
Downloads: 920


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 13
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CSM_SaBrE_TiGeRPosted: 11/05/02 21:59   Report Abuse
It is definately a small level. You could have done something like making several small levels and then putting them into a pack or something like that. Not bad though, certainly is fun for those who like to commit suicide so overall I'l give it a 6


Vader130Posted: 11/05/02 22:09   Report Abuse
wow...psycadelic...heh. this level looks like it'd be so much fun to play while drunk.

looks real nice, i like what you did with all the visual effects. not a level i'd use for serious dueling but definately a lot of fun to play around on.


The Lone RoguePosted: 11/05/02 22:46   Report Abuse
Well... It's something.


Sabre_WulfPosted: 11/06/02 00:52   Report Abuse
I was gonna rate it as 10 but the CONVULSIONS it gave me caused me to hit 6... oops.

Lol it's cool, fun to mess with definitely, but nothing to wet ones pants over.


zizzy34Posted: 11/06/02 02:13   Report Abuse
looks pretty sweat, and since i found my jk cd, i will be downloading and playing this shortly


SM_Sith_LordPosted: 11/06/02 05:01   Report Abuse
I love this level. Could have added more things to fight in i thought, but awesome awesome level.


yam manPosted: 11/06/02 14:07   Report Abuse
Whoa, like fighting inside an acid trip lol. Its pretty small but cool.


zizzy34Posted: 11/06/02 16:08   Report Abuse
love the flashing lights


MrRavenXPosted: 11/06/02 16:33   Report Abuse
I haven't had an epileptic seizure like this since Planet Sith. WOOWHOOO!


The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 11/07/02 13:24   Report Abuse
This level accomplishes what it sets out to do--make one not-bored for a few seconds. :)

Very interesting. I assume those are 3DOs? And about the weird HOM-look-alike... not really HOM but... I have no clue how you did that...

I was able to stand on the red hband once lol... it was pretty funny.

Not really a REAL level, but a good laugh... I give it an 8 for originality and funnay-ness.

(The textures on the ring-thing are an eyesore, tho.)


FastGamerrPosted: 11/08/02 12:51   Report Abuse
W00T! This is so fun level to play! Except my only opponent is JKDomination,,,


Tom_ExplodesPosted: 10/23/08 10:22   Report Abuse
This level is trippy and fantastic.


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