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This file contains the Mark I gun of the Daywalker aka Blade. It is the gun that "killed" Whistler in the first movie (and a whole lot of vampires). This goes with the Blade model and the silverblade.pk3* in the base folder. If I keep going like this i'll have a full conversion on my hands soon!
This file contains a replacement for the bryar pistol in Jedi Outcast. More to come!

*Editor's Note: The Blade model and Silverblade model are also available at Massassi.


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Download: Blade - Mark I
File Size: 212KB
Date: 11/10/02
Author: Magnetixxx
Downloads: 2529


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 6
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saberopusPosted: 11/10/02 05:04   Report Abuse
Looking good once more.....i got first post on all three i feel so.....stupid :D.

These look great.


The REAL Pow-ChuPosted: 11/10/02 06:54   Report Abuse
Does it fire like the gun does in the movie, or is it just a model conversion?


holysigmayodaPosted: 11/11/02 00:39   Report Abuse
this gun is sweet
sounds an all that
it keeps on flashing, dissapearing once in aw while
btw, that blade model was revolutionary!!!
u shuld be a role model!!!
and, how do u get the sword 2 work???
all the bots have the sword, but i don't
i just get a sword handle
wat is wrong??????


JoshReiterPosted: 03/01/03 15:50   Report Abuse
Man, this is awesome. easily a ten.


TienPosted: 06/27/03 02:17   Report Abuse
howbout upping the fire rate to match the sound and maybe changing the projectile and power of the weapon ? Great model BUt I just think THose tweaks would be great 10 tho --- peace


MattDettorrePosted: 07/06/03 15:54   Report Abuse
its just a mac 10 wit a big Laser aiming modual on the front that doesnt do any thing you get a 0


PIPPosted: 06/20/05 20:37   Report Abuse
You know this is very cool the gun itself looks cool. A good mod on massassi is if U make a weapons pack


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