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Here by popular demand! This file contains the silver edged sword of the Daywalker aka Blade. Told you I'd get it done! This file contains a replacement for the sabers in Jedi Outcast multiplayer.

Thanks to Seth for the sound files in the Katana mod he made.
Katana replacement sounds
Author : Seth "Playingkarrde" Powell
E-Mail :


Level Info:

Download: Silverblade
File Size: 801KB
Date: 11/10/02
Author: Magnetixxx
Downloads: 1546


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 10
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saberopusPosted: 11/10/02 04:58   Report Abuse
Looks very nice, good work on the skin as well. w00t first comment on both!


Maximus86Posted: 11/10/02 05:05   Report Abuse
This ten goes for the so far three Blade-related things you have published so far. I feel that you have done the best Jedi Outcast skin to date, and your progress on the gun and sword are absolutely fantastic. Having seen the films, I can appreciate your accuracy and artistic talent in creating these excellent things. I would hope you would continue to create skins and mods for several Marvel comics characters other than Blade, but if you don't wish I would understand.


Mr. AliasPosted: 11/10/02 07:41   Report Abuse
So beautiful, excellent job on the skin, gun and sword.


riojinPosted: 11/10/02 09:33   Report Abuse
very nice, i like it.

also, i hate to get technicle but the sword is carbon edged.


jEDIkIRBYPosted: 11/10/02 15:38   Report Abuse
Nice stuff, yes. But I have one thing to say. Why would you release 3 different things, all within about 3 hours from eachother, all on the same day, and all related to the same topic when you could just

A) wait until you actually have enough of a product to post it all as one 'Blade TC beta'

B) Release them all together NOW as a 'Blade Beta'

C)...not release them until you actually have a product, a fully done product.

good luck, if I sounded a bit harsh, sorry, but it's sort of strange to see three things in a row, all by the same editor, all on the same topic. Just a bit annoying.

Jedi Kirby

btw, get an excelent bot man to make you some excelent vampire bots, that will be uber sweet.


Corran2015Posted: 11/10/02 17:41   Report Abuse
Really nice work man. This, the skin and the gun are great. You put a lot of work into them obviously.


sithlordx1000Posted: 11/10/02 20:18   Report Abuse
Very nice. !0/10

And personally, I don't care if he released them seperately and all. They're so damn good, I'll d/l them anyway.


holysigmayodaPosted: 11/11/02 00:41   Report Abuse
how do u get the sword to work???? all them bots get the sword, but i just get a sword handle! wat is wrong???????? btw, that blade model is the most realistic model i've ever seen!!! it got me back into jk2! its my favorite!!!


FastGamerrPosted: 11/13/02 07:47   Report Abuse
All these Blade-stuff are so...über-cool...I gave it a 10.


Chibi MuroPosted: 11/25/02 05:04   Report Abuse
i agree with Jedi Kirby, put everythin together and make a total conversion mod..

but to the point 10/10 for some awesome work all together


XanatharPosted: 03/20/03 06:34   Report Abuse
The words lovely, w00t, and a blank stare followed by enraptured drool come to mind.

This gets a big fat 10-er from me.


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