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This Duel map is set inside a "Soul Chamber" belonging to the Ancient Sith.  This map's appearance is much like that of the Sith Temple from Mysteries of the Sith.  This map isn't very large so don't expect to be able to run from your opponent when fighting on this map.  A Blaster Rifle and a Bowcaster are available if weapons are set.  A Force Boon is also up for grabs and it sits onto of a spinning platform that is in the middle of the chamber's large soul pit.  Be careful of the pit because if you fall, you'll die and lose the match!  Try to take advantage of this by force pushing your foe to their death! 

Map does contain bot support as well.


Level Info:

Download: Soul Chamber of the Sith
File Size: 2.0MB
Date: 11/12/02
Author: SavageX
Downloads: 1853


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 11
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sithlordx1000Posted: 11/12/02 02:46   Report Abuse
I d/led this off another site about 5 minutes ago and I thought that it looked very close to part of the Catacombs in MotS. Please make more remakes like that from JK and MotS, because the Sith temple on Dromund Kaas was truly perfect.


Wolf DevilPosted: 11/12/02 03:07   Report Abuse
First off: Savage, you got a talent for stating the obvious. Secondly, this level is great!! Wonderful architecture, nice lighting, however if you decide to make another level like this, make the platform bigger since it'd be fun to duel on. Level is very beautiful... but not in the gay sense! More in the dark, demented, sith sorta sense :D. The bots get a little confused and can jump into the pit by themselves if thrown, pushed or pulled on multi-frag duel matches. Love the level, SavageX. Keep up the good work... PLEASE!!!


landfishPosted: 11/12/02 03:48   Report Abuse
i love you savagex


yam manPosted: 11/12/02 14:23   Report Abuse
Sith temples always make for interesting places to fight. Thanks for the bot support too ( my connection isnt really that great) since I cant always play on the net. Nice atmosphere to the place though.


Corran2015Posted: 11/12/02 22:33   Report Abuse
This is a great change from the usual massassi-temple textured "Ancient Temple" duel rooms. Its a unique scheme. Good job.


SavageXPosted: 11/13/02 10:08   Report Abuse
Thanks for the feed back. Glad you guys like the map thus far. The idea to make this map just popped into my head one day while I was thinking of things to do. I thought the Sith Temple from MotS was a great theme and I decided to see if I can recreate that theme with this duel level. Yeah, I know the level is small and rather dark but duel levels really don't need to be large and the sith loved being in dark areas. The green stuff coming out of the pit is supposed to be "essence of the dark side" or souls if you want to think of it that way. I'm thinking of expanding on this level theme and maybe create a CTF level or a FFA level next time. Again, glad you all liked the level.

-- SavageX


Zech, DajhorrPosted: 11/18/02 00:53   Report Abuse
I myself would have liked the beam to have been red and the room to have been more lit up, oh yeah one more thing you could possibly have put sith enscriptions on the wall, to jazz it up.


P.S. platform might be higher, and I think you did a wonderful job.


SavageXPosted: 11/18/02 10:20   Report Abuse
I choose green instead of red is because green is a better contrast to purple than red. As it being a lag monster, just tweak down your game's settings if you computer is struggling. I didn't experience and framerate at all when I tested it. As for the level being too dark, try adjusting the gamma on your computer. The level was well lit for me so I didn't see that as a problem. Anyway, thanks for the comments.

-- SavageX


SithLord7Posted: 11/19/02 16:50   Report Abuse
Yet another superior map by SavageX. If you want a good duel map this is it! Now if only I could crank out cool lvls like this. Thank You SavageX!!! 10 (I'd like to give you more but it only goes to 10) BTW thanks for adding bot support for those of us w/ crappy 56k modems.


SithLord7Posted: 11/21/02 17:19   Report Abuse
Well, i finally dled this and it is truly awesome. Great work SavageX. BTW I thouht the bot support was excellent.


ShadowXPosted: 11/21/02 23:49   Report Abuse
I love the atmosphere of the Sith temple and catacombs in MotS, so I've been waiting for someone to make such a map for JK2. Not only have you managed to capture that look, you improved it with more detailed architecture and textures. Very well done.

-Rating: 10

P.S. Remember when we ran into each other in Half-Life online? I think it was TFC :]

P.P.S. Check out the screenshot I took for my little Dark Kyle and Jan mod in this level at Hopefully you'll find something you like there too, like my saber for JK2. (OK, this is sounding more like a plug... sorry heheh).


GeobrassPosted: 11/23/02 02:52   Report Abuse
Very nice job on this map...the whole green smoke in the middle was really cool. I also liked the size of the map, just the right size for a good duel.



AraniaPosted: 11/05/03 22:09   Report Abuse
Perfect level for our Krath Order, since Krath is purple! We love it, very well done.


Deathcheep14Posted: 02/19/07 15:59   Report Abuse
Wew,that's nice,especially the soul pit.

Great,a 9.


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