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This is just a remake of Living Dead Jedi's Duel of the Fates. All credit is due wherever it is needed in the read-me.


Level Info:

Download: Duel of the Fates v2.0
File Size: 24.3MB
Date: 11/12/02
Author: Shadriss, WhiteShdw
Downloads: 6768


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 17
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saberopusPosted: 11/12/02 02:33   Report Abuse
very neat looking. Good Job.


sithlordx1000Posted: 11/12/02 02:46   Report Abuse
Perfect redo for a perfect level. 10/10


Lord MuurnPosted: 11/12/02 02:49   Report Abuse
9/10, there were some parts that didn't agree with the movie, unless I'm just stupid. Very nice work.


DeTRiTiC-iQPosted: 11/13/02 16:22   Report Abuse
Can anyone say "filesize", 10mb for an mp3???

Its a good remake, it removes the serious framerate issues in the reactor room which is good, i'm not convinced it makes for excellent FFA since it is too linear.

Rating: 8/10


livingdeadjediPosted: 11/13/02 22:32   Report Abuse
I really liked what shadriss did with me map =]] it even taught me a thing or two =]


Sifo DyasPosted: 11/14/02 05:21   Report Abuse
Ditto what Detritic said:

It is a bit linear.

Visually it's stunning!

It eat up a little too much of my framerate, though it's certainly not the worst I've seen!

That MP3 is Waaaay outa bounds! I viewed it and it's over 7 minutes long and encoded at near CD quality! I see no reason why it should be any larger than 3Mb -AT THE MOST. There are a lot of 'dead spots' in the track that nobody will ever hear while playing. I'd keep it in stereo, but cut out the bulk and encode it at a much lower bitrate. If you edit carefully, you could easily cut out half the file, and loop it so it repeats seamlessly. If you need help, lemme know. But definately fix this because nobody with a dialup connection is going to download this map at 25Mb.

Ambient sounds would really have added alot to the 'atmosphere' of this level -too many people neglect that.

Footstep sounds don't change over different surfaces.

In all, I would rate it a 7. But -bless you- you included BOT support! So you get an 8.

Increase the FPS, and I'll give ya a 9. Sound tempting???


Jodo_Kast_BHGPosted: 11/18/02 15:16   Report Abuse
Great, job, it's a really spectacular level, very much like the movie. The only comment I have to make is I think the red forcefields should hurt or kill you if you run into them. That would make it more realistic and harder. :)


ShadrissPosted: 11/25/02 00:34   Report Abuse
On the Music : I agree with you... I had someone working on doing the music for me early on in making this, but, , uinfortuantely, he vanished from sight. The music was done at the last minute, so we didn't have much oppotunity to mess with it. If I ever (in some other lifetime! :) ) decide to work an upgrtade to this, I'll get back to you so someone can do a smaller music file.

I wish that I could have trimmed that file size down - but consider - about 95% of the textures used in that level were custom done (thanks to WhiteShdw), so those take up a significant amount of room. Then, there's the BSP file itself (it weighed in at 13 meg on it's own). All told, without the music, it STILL was 19 mg.

Framerate : I'm glad there was a general improvement - that was the main goal of the remake, along with making the map more accurate to the source books and movie images. I wish I could have improved it even further - but limitations of the engine sort of get in the way - you know how much that engine HATES huge areas.

Yes, it' linear. Maybe if I do that expansion I was talking about, we'll add more to it. But, well, , it IS a movie recreation, so there's not too much we can do about that. :)

Anyhow - thanks for the comments and I'll trry to have more levels out - I wouldn't expect this LEVEL of quality from me again (hey, I'm good, but not THAT good, not to mention I cant make textures myself too well) but I will try to get more out. TTFN, guys.


Gee_4cePosted: 12/01/02 21:55   Report Abuse
There is no WAY my modem is going to be able to do this... :(


Jodo_Kast_BHGPosted: 12/02/02 01:41   Report Abuse
Congratulations on LoTW. =] You deserve it!


RedClawPosted: 12/03/02 01:45   Report Abuse
This is the best! It runs MUCH faster than the old one, and the dumb ol' Lady Luck is gone! What's not to like? I have DSL, so 25 MB is nothing, but it would have been better to separate the music from the level itself. Still, I give it a perfect 10. Rock on!


SethCT722Posted: 12/03/02 18:31   Report Abuse
I liked v1.0 better. It lookes like you just took stuf of the origanal. Are there any other areas? If so could u please tell me?


Jin_jediRoguePosted: 12/08/02 02:59   Report Abuse
Ah yea, the level we used to play on the Jedi Knight version. Here we see another author who submitted Duel Of The Fates for Jedi Outcast. The level is kool but hey c'mon DOTF this and that. Attack of the clones is out, is anyone making "good" AOTC levels besides KaminoX?

One thing I like on this level was where Obi-Wan and Darth Maul saber dueled. Those laser walls things aren't like the movie, they supposed to move and then the laser walls turn on, then they move again and turned off and so on.

Anyway I rate this level 8, for good textures, just about the same as from the movie. Kool level but make some changes if you want to. Making a 3.0 version?

{Use the force wisely, not agressively}


DBZRazielPosted: 01/19/03 21:11   Report Abuse
I want to download it...but due to a REALLY slow connection speed and the file being 25 megs...it will take me to long to download. If you make the MP3 smaller, please...let me know and I will be HAPPY to download the level.


Pac_Man3DPosted: 08/12/03 10:32   Report Abuse
I thoroughly recommend this level to anyone out there who has enough spare time to download it. Moaning about the filesize aside, the actual level is excellent.

Great atmosphere enhanced by the film soundtrack and the inclusion of bot compatability makes it a must!

Keep up the good work.


YAPC_YodaPosted: 10/11/03 21:49   Report Abuse
This is great! any thaught of TRYING to make this lvl for JK and MotS? if so... tell me! i love this! 8 cause well.... i dont own Outcast... used this on my friends PC and he has it...


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