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This is a medium sized CTF level that features two forts facing each other, each with a water channel for added defense and two sniper nests for both outside and inside defense.  Map has bot support and is best played with up to 8 players or less.  All other game types can also be played on this map as well.  Those of you that have played "SavageX's CTF" may recognize that this map shares a similer look to that map.  Happy fragging!

This is a updated version of the level (version 1.5) that include some tweaks to resolve some gameplay issues that some players have pointed out to me.

  • Replaced all of the Rocket Launcher pick ups with Flechettes.
  • Replaced all of the Bowcaster and Demp2 pick ups with Blasters
  • Removed the railings that were on the platforms near the Flechette and the Repeater
  • Replaced the Flechettes with the Bowcaster
  • Removed the Blasters that were in front of the fans and replaced them with thermal and trip mines.
  • Replaced the Force Boon in the center of the map with the Rocket Launcher (this shall make the gun more of a struggle to get now than before)
  • Replaced the Thermals and Trip Mines pick ups with Detonation Packs
  • Fixed the water's height to be only a foot high so player's movement is no longer slowed down and players can jump in the water. I also added a dip under the bridges so player's can swim down there if they want to hide
Please note that you cannot have both version 1.0 and 1.5 installed at the same time because this new version will over ride the old one, so don't say I didn't warn you!


Level Info:

Download: Battle of the Water Forts [v1.5]
File Size: 3.3MB
Date: 11/14/02
Author: SavageX
Downloads: 1646


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 5
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Lord_GrismathPosted: 11/14/02 01:38   Report Abuse
An excellent first release into the realm of Jedi Outcast, and a great level in its own right. It's good to have you back.


landfishPosted: 11/14/02 02:04   Report Abuse
really good level, only problem was the water was just a little too deep and it slowed you down alot


SavageXPosted: 11/14/02 03:06   Report Abuse
Actually, this is my third release for JO, not my first. I'm working on a second version of this level to correct some of the gameplay errors such as the deep water and stuff. I'm glad you guys like it so far though.

-- SavageX


Chibi MuroPosted: 11/14/02 04:51   Report Abuse
thats a nice Team Fortress coversion man... 9/10


SavageXPosted: 11/14/02 11:08   Report Abuse
Don't insult me, boy! This level does use some layout bits from the TFC level "The Well" but the level itself is far from the term "conversion". The only parts I would say are based loosely on the TFC level is the center part of the arena and the water tunnels. That's about it.

BTW, I've sent Massassi an updated version of this level that address some of the game play issues in the last one so it should be up pretty soon. You can head on over to and download the new version there if you'd like.

-- SavageX


SithLord7Posted: 11/14/02 17:18   Report Abuse
Yes this definitely looks like one of the best CTF's out there yet. I have always found SavageX lvls to be pretty reliable as far as quality and this is no exception. Keep up the good work!


ReAcToRPosted: 11/14/02 18:47   Report Abuse
It's looking quite good. Alot like SaVaGeX's CTF for Jedi Knight and that's a good thing...minus the incorrectly flagged surfaces. :)


SithLord7Posted: 02/04/03 19:16   Report Abuse
Wow! I finally got around to playing it. Impressive...most impressive...That's all I have to say on top of BOT SUPPORT ROCKS FOR THIS LVL. I'm glad you cared enough to take time to add bot support for those of us with crappy 56ks who prefer to play by themselves rather than tick off a bunch of people with cables or DSLs. 10


mikeymanPosted: 08/03/03 03:16   Report Abuse
It looks good, and I've played it, but unfortuneately (sp?), I have a lousy graphics card and the outdoors area gets me 8 FPS. Stupid GeForce 2. Because of this, I won't rate it nor give a proper review. I will when I get a better graphics card, which may be soon.


mikeymanPosted: 10/04/03 17:44   Report Abuse
Me has better video card, so I will rate it. I'll give it an 8. Nice graphics, but I really didn't have much fun with it.


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