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Long before the Clone Wars, the native Wookies of Kashyyyk created a sport set in treehouse arenas suspended above the ground. This sport would later be practiced by Rebel and Imperial forces as an alternative to their usual inaccurate firefights. Since the Battle of Endor, with increased freedom of travellers to explore the galaxy again, one of the original arenas for this sport was discovered in an isolated forest on Kashyyyk.

Note: This map currently does not include bot support.


Level Info:

Download: Kashyyyk Tree Canopy
File Size: 4.8MB
Date: 11/21/02
Author: DeTRiTiC-iQ
Downloads: 2205


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 11
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mscbuckPosted: 11/21/02 02:44   Report Abuse
Hats off to you Det. This is a sexy level


PommyPosted: 11/21/02 02:48   Report Abuse
Aye, aye, one of the few really good CTF maps for JO. Excellent work; I think we've all been looking forward to this :)


TheRockPosted: 11/21/02 02:59   Report Abuse
is that possible? i give it a 9 =)


EmonPosted: 11/21/02 03:03   Report Abuse
Great level, I say 9. I just hope it's not a "Massassi exclusive"... it would be a shame if this map was hardly played due to lack of publicity.


blackbelt7Posted: 11/21/02 04:59   Report Abuse
Wow. good level. the only thing that would make this cooler is if you made a MOD for the sport you're supposed to be playing. that would be cool. otherwise, good job! gave ya a 9!


Snake-EyesPosted: 11/21/02 05:12   Report Abuse
I love you...


Lord_GrismathPosted: 11/21/02 22:22   Report Abuse


WazzitPosted: 11/21/02 23:57   Report Abuse
I'm not rating it or anything but...

...shouldn't Tee atleast get half credit on it?

just curious.


DeTRiTiC-iQPosted: 11/22/02 00:56   Report Abuse
In the readme.

The treehouse's only make up the central part of the bases, not half the level.


Sapien01Posted: 11/22/02 02:57   Report Abuse
Ill make sure and add this level to my two dedicated servers. Great job man


Gelatinous_DroolPosted: 11/22/02 04:52   Report Abuse
The screenshots look awesome! Just the way I would imagine this local.


GeobrassPosted: 11/24/02 00:16   Report Abuse
I LOVE THIS MAP!!! This map design is flawless. Very nice texturing, lighting, and I love the TRUE use of trees. Nice flame placement. It would be nice to have a little bot support, though. If anyone would be kind enough to make a good one...



PommyPosted: 11/24/02 00:34   Report Abuse
blackbelt7: Uh..."sport"? It's CTF...


DeTRiTiC-iQPosted: 11/24/02 01:04   Report Abuse
I didn't add bot support for 2 reasons:

1) i'm extremely bad at bot-pathing
2) this level had been sitting finished on my hard disk for 3 months and I was tired of it


blackbelt7Posted: 11/24/02 21:38   Report Abuse
Yeah, the description says a sport used to be played there...i...think...


Jodo_Kast_BHGPosted: 11/24/02 22:02   Report Abuse
I think the sport is CTF. =]


blackbelt7Posted: 11/26/02 04:05   Report Abuse
I knew that.


benhurPosted: 12/09/02 12:21   Report Abuse
Please, someone make bot support for this level. It is so cool I want to marry it


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