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Kyle Katarn learns that a sith named Dartanius is teaching at an Imperial Training Facility. He must kill Dartanius for he knows great tactics in battle that the Rebels have no experience with handling. Read the rest during the briefing. It's nothing much, but my friends said it was pretty fun, hope you enjoy it!


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Download: Imperial Training Facility
File Size: 400 KB
Date: 12/01/02
Author: Keith Marshall
Downloads: 1803


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 6
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Dark_Jedi_YunPosted: 12/01/02 03:59   Report Abuse
Ummm, it was quite enjoyable. The level design was a bit boxy, though, so are mine. The texturing was okay, but could use work.
But looking past the flaws, like the sofas flickering. It was quite fun. I give it a 6.


tse__r2d2mattPosted: 12/01/02 04:07   Report Abuse
it is prety cool i am starting to make jk mp lvls but none of them released


Darth VedderPosted: 12/02/02 16:27   Report Abuse
Hmm, it was boxy, the texturing wasn't really good, most hallways and doors were way to small. The course was totally unlogical, since it's only beatable with forcejump and stormtroopers aren't known for their forcepowers...

I liked the part with all those rifles shooting rails, and the stormies shooting at targets but the rest wasn't that good.
Still good for a couple minutes of fun.


michael_kylePosted: 12/02/02 16:36   Report Abuse
the level was cool. i liked the stormtroopers shooting at targets


Keith MarshallPosted: 12/07/02 22:49   Report Abuse
Like I said, all I did was post this. I made it 6 months ago when I first started.


Noghri+WarriorPosted: 12/17/02 23:12   Report Abuse
Hey, this looks pretty cool.
(Especially compared to mine)
I need to get back on the sight,
surprised I Remember my password


ConnemaraPosted: 10/29/03 23:01   Report Abuse
Interesting concept...but there plot didn't make any sense. I didn't kill any Moff. I went through a training course. If you're written it up as an Imperial training course, then it would be fine, but your write up said I was going to kill Moff D-somethin.


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