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Sp level at imperial base Epsilon 6. No plot yet constructed. Includes stormtroopers, officers, and reborns. Has few puzzles. I'm going to finish this level later.


Level Info:

Download: Epsilon 6
File Size: 1.9MB
Date: 12/01/02
Author: Heikki "Heke" Lainela
Downloads: 3014


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 6
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saberopusPosted: 12/01/02 05:26   Report Abuse
reminiscent of kejim post. Nice to finally see it released. Goob Job.


Jodo_Kast_BHGPosted: 12/02/02 00:31   Report Abuse
I'm glad to see some new JO SP levels...but why release it if it's not done?


Heke7Posted: 12/02/02 13:47   Report Abuse
Well, I wanted to look if people liked this level. I was going to finish it later. Mayby I will... But currently I'm working new level. the shots can be found from my editors corner and from the showcase forum.


Katarn's clonePosted: 12/13/02 03:17   Report Abuse
Haevn't rated this yet, just want to know if anybody wants to let me in on soem advanced secrets of radiant or maybe just how to submit levls.


Heke7Posted: 12/13/02 10:10   Report Abuse
Look from the tutorials section...
It's called as "Preparing your Jedi Outcast map for release". I hope find all usefull things from there. If not, ask from the forums.


PhSyCo-OnEPosted: 06/29/03 03:48   Report Abuse
Excellent level. I have no choice but to give you a 10!



sum1givusanamePosted: 07/03/03 17:43   Report Abuse
epsilon 6, wasnt that the name of the demo


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