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1. First Class-based mod for Jedi Outcast - You can dynamically alter your skill set to include Force Powers or Gunnery skills, or create a hybrid of both. Only be aware that the high level skills are reserved for Jedi and Gunnery purists.

2. All new Jetpack! - Fans of Tribes 2 will welcome the jetpack that is available to Gunners with level 4 Gadget skills. It comes complete with dual-thruster effects and a fuel gauge to limit its use.

4. Enhanced Level 4 Weapons - All weapons become more powerful in the hands of a Gunner with level 4 skills. Damage, firing rate, and charge-up rate are all markedly increased.

5. Expanded support for the Combat Strength Crosshair(CSC) - A Jedi's ability to reflect projectiles is now based upon the CSC. The worse your aim is relative to the shot, the longer it will take you to recover from the block, which will leave holes in your defense for other bolts to bypass your defenses.

6. Enhanced CTF and Team FFA Experience - Special attention was payed to the balancing of the classes in CTF and Team FFA gametypes. Thanks to all the highly skilled CTF clan members that helped out with this testing.


Level Info:

Download: Promod 3.0
File Size: 770KB
Date: 12/01/02
Author: Artifex
Downloads: 2227


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 12
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YectiwanPosted: 12/01/02 23:42   Report Abuse
I haven't rated this because I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds and looks marvelous. This is the sort of stuff that needs to be happening with JO right now... :) good work...


Wolf DevilPosted: 12/02/02 00:35   Report Abuse
ProMod is the best thing to happen to JO!! ProMod 3.0 does for Jedi Outcast like SBX 3.1 did.. er does, for Jedi Knight!!! This is a MUST download. It balances out the gunners from the Jedi/Sith so that neither is more powerful than the other.. all about skill and wit. I believe this is the best mod for JO to date. Even better than.... Well, I was about to say JediPLUS, but just about anything is better than JediPLUS. Please atleast try it and dont dismiss it simply cuz it's not what you want, play it for more than 2 minutes! Have a few matches with the bots.. they're actually challenging now!! Have fun. *begins chanting like the ewoks did when they saw C-3PO*


blackbelt7Posted: 12/02/02 00:39   Report Abuse
Is there anything you're supposed to download besides this? seems a little small for all this good stuff...


Wolf DevilPosted: 12/02/02 01:17   Report Abuse
Nope, just download this one thing. Yes it's small, cuz it changes the game, it doesn't add to the game which makes it worse (ala Jedi++). ProMod goes to the core of the game inorder to get rid of the haphazard fighting seen in vanilla 1.04. ProMod makes JO all about skill so if you win you can't b**** about it, even if cheap since it will be fair.


FirestormPosted: 12/02/02 02:19   Report Abuse
Bout time someone had the brains to release a mod that catered to Gunners and saberist.


Wolf DevilPosted: 12/02/02 03:16   Report Abuse
Yes, before good old, Artifex here, decided to take matters into his own hands, saber fighting was random that it hardly mattered what you did, and in an ffa the guns always won since if it was ff the gunners would be allowed to use force aswell and if nf the jedi would be powerless against the explosives... Oh and btw, the 1/2 damage of explosives on user is now eliminated


JediJethroPosted: 12/02/02 08:09   Report Abuse
Think of your favorite compliment and say it to yourself twice, and with great enthusiasm. This mod should be downloaded by all. You haven't played the game until you've played it like this. Bravo.


RedClawPosted: 12/02/02 19:23   Report Abuse
ArtiFex, you da man! And I don't care what the adds say about Yoda! ;D


ArnediadPosted: 12/04/02 14:51   Report Abuse
I am a *huge* fan of Tribes 2, so I loved this mod. BTW, anyone who hasn't ever played T2 should go out and get a copy. You will not be disappointed.



Bounty Hunter 4 hirePosted: 12/05/02 22:14   Report Abuse
This is definitely the best mod for JO to date. The only one to change gameplay to any signifigant degree.
My only suggestion for the next version:
Add some more pickup to the jetpack like the jetpack beta mod's one.


Sef_HalfmanPosted: 12/06/02 14:41   Report Abuse
I love this mod! I used to play JO all the time over my network with my brother, and we got SO sick of it! We played it for like 6 hours straight last night with this mod! This is the best thing to happen to JO since..... well, since JO! 10/10.


Wolf DevilPosted: 12/06/02 20:44   Report Abuse
Ha ha ha ha. Yes, this mod truly is wonderful. It does to JO what SBX 3.1 did for JK (sorry if I repeated myself). It does require more tinkering for it to be truly even, but nontheless, it is wonderful and I think everybody should try it atleast once for atleast an hour w/ bots (taking another 20 minutes finding your perfect saber color which can be hard to do with 2 glows and the slight color blending. And to BH4L: The gunners, at the moment, are currently too powerful, even in this somewhat balanced state. I believe ArtifeX's next version will concentrate more on certain pain-in-the-butt issues of gunners (like lag = useless jetpack) and gettin the kinks out of the Jedi, Sith and hybrid classes


JediJethroPosted: 12/08/02 06:11   Report Abuse
After playing with this mod for a while I have a gripe. Now, don't get me wrong, I still think the mod rocks, however, when playing against bots they have this tendency to go berzerk with forcefields, which in and of itself may seem annoying at first, but livable once you get used to it, except when they do it so much it slows down my 2.4GHz CPU with 512Mb of RAM and 128Meg vid card. It looks like the old days of playing Quake online with a 14.4 modem on a 486DX2. And yes, I have dropped the video quality down from "best" to "gawdawful" with little improvement. So I thought I would ask you kind folks if there may exist a way to disable the shield generator. Seriously, I love this mod, I can't stomach the thought of playing a single round without it. Help!


Wolf DevilPosted: 12/08/02 19:02   Report Abuse
LOL!!! Yes, I know the bots idiodic tendancy to drop their fields when they aren't even needed, and in a wide open area (such as Yavin), and if it lags your comp, don't think it doesn't lag my 400mhz processor, 258 mb ram and only an ATI Radeon 7000. I'll ask ArtifeX for ya, ok?


JediJethroPosted: 12/09/02 02:10   Report Abuse
Thank you, Wolf Devil, I greatly appreciate your assistance!


Wolf DevilPosted: 12/09/02 12:56   Report Abuse
You're welcome, however I wish to tell that part of the problem lies within the game itself: the forcefield's effect is too much of a framerate hog.

Edit: Ok, Jethro? Artifex says this: Yes, I am aware of this problem, to remedy the situation I shall remove all free equipment from bots, however human equipment shall remain the same.

He is ofcourse talking about the gunner class


RazielNokPosted: 12/09/02 23:47   Report Abuse
Am I the only one to notice that the description skipped the number 3?


Wolf DevilPosted: 12/10/02 00:00   Report Abuse
LOL, no, I saw it. Art can make a kick-a** mod, but he's no good with numbers


ArtifexPosted: 12/11/02 14:47   Report Abuse
I'm glad you're all enjoying the mod so far. I've worked hard to try and make Promod a great improvement over the standard version of the game. Tell your friends! The only way Promod will spread is by players like you touting the virtues of Promod to those who don't know that there is now an alternative to 1.04.

You keep spreading the word, and I'll keep making it better!


ArtifexPosted: 12/13/02 14:50   Report Abuse
I wanted to let you guys know that is open for business, and that Promod 3.0 is available there. Make sure to drop by and rate the file if you've already played it! Here's the link:


Kieran HornPosted: 07/15/03 03:00   Report Abuse
Seems everyone loves this mod, and while I do, to me it just seems unfinished.

The colors for the sabers are messed up. Maxing out RGB should not give you yellow.

Gameplay doesn't seem balanced. The bots seem to be able to use whatever they want concerning weapons and force. Of course, you may have been going for this.

There really is no such thing as a hybrid. The closest thing to a hybrid is a jedi with one or two first level weapon proficiencies. Hybrid should be a jack-of-all-trades-but-master-of-none. Not a master-of-something-with-small-skills-in-something-else.

Great concept, but needs some serious tweaking. Heck, what I really want is the custom saber colors.

Wolf Devil: Artifex doesn't need a publicist, he is doing fine on his own.


JanusPosted: 07/22/03 04:29   Report Abuse
I have a problem... I tried to load promod by using the BAT file and it didn't work, probably due to my screwing something up. so i decided to play without,except that it will not let me. How do i get back to the old JO Multiplayer?


mikeymanPosted: 08/02/03 01:29   Report Abuse
Good mod.


Phoenix_FlowerPosted: 05/13/07 00:02   Report Abuse
I downloaded it and tried to run it. I tried to load it from the mods option in the game and from running the batch file. It loaded a white screen with an enlarged version of my mouse pointer and...nothing. It just sat and sat doing nothing. I followed all the directions word for word and got this white screen of oblivion.

Any ideas on how to fix this? If so, email me at:


Phoenix_FlowerPosted: 05/13/07 03:42   Report Abuse
Ok, I did get it to work. Turns out you NEED the 1.04 patch to run it (I think that should have been in the read me).

There are some flaws in it. When you choose to have the level four weapons you get enhanced firing rates and everything, but you don't start with the weapons like it says. Also, if you have level four gadgets, you start out with the force field but no seeker, jet pack, or anything else.

Judging by the comments from everyone else, I must say I'm disappointed. I really expected more.


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