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This simply changes the first person models for most of the weapons. The weapons are the same but now you can see Kyle's hand holding the weapon like in Half-Life. This also comes with a little bonus with the lightsaber from 1st person.


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Download: Weapons Upgrade
File Size: 260KB
Date: 12/07/02
Author: PerfectJamie
Downloads: 1007


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 11
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SITH__r2D2MattPosted: 12/07/02 21:18   Report Abuse
i gave it a 3 , who needs these models ! sry dude u would probly do better in jk editing !!!!


Tensen01Posted: 12/07/02 21:20   Report Abuse
I like. One of my complaints about first person has always been that you can't see your feet. :)


EmonPosted: 12/07/02 22:08   Report Abuse
I give this a four. It's a good concept, but poorly implemented. The models are really low poly, it looks like the GLMs from third person view, instead of the MD3s from first person view, and the hands are kind of yucky.


Wolf DevilPosted: 12/07/02 22:24   Report Abuse
I like it. I suppose there is really no need, but then again, that's the basic point behind all mini-mods, aint it? Does it work in MP??


PerfectJamiePosted: 12/08/02 00:35   Report Abuse
it works in mp but you can see the muzzle flashes of the weapons comeing out of the wrong places, i am going to make a v2 makeing everything better


Lord_Maul155Posted: 12/08/02 02:37   Report Abuse
I give it a 2 because of the bryar but I didn't see a difference on the 3 4 7 and 1. I can't see any weapon model of the 5 and 8 gun. The 9 gun I see a hand, and the 6 gun there is a cut of help holeing the barrel. NEED TO WORK ON IT.


PerfectJamiePosted: 12/08/02 04:34   Report Abuse
what? i tested it all ou and i haven't seen any of the problems you menshioned, get a new computer


Jedi2Posted: 12/08/02 06:55   Report Abuse
well i have a new computer. here is whats wrong with this mod. guns 2,5,6,8 are not there. lightsaber 1st person. is odd. make a better mod pal. 0/0 for me.


PerfectJamiePosted: 12/08/02 07:21   Report Abuse
thats realy odd because i dont get thoughse problems perhaps its one of your settings


DentianPosted: 12/08/02 07:59   Report Abuse
The point of making mods is so the general community can use them..not just someone with your exact config.


EmonPosted: 12/08/02 16:18   Report Abuse
For all those not being able to select the weapons, did you make sure you even HAVE the weapon in your inventory? :rolleyes:


sithlordx1000Posted: 12/08/02 23:02   Report Abuse
Hmmm.... It worked fine for me. 10/10


Lord_Maul155Posted: 12/09/02 02:33   Report Abuse
I used give all code. I can see the hand on the bryar. a hand on the repeater and on the missile launcher


riojinPosted: 12/09/02 11:18   Report Abuse
i would like this mod except for these things

-1st person when using saber, when the arms are at the edge of the screen, it looks like they have been dismembered. I has the red glowing look like the arms have been cut off.

-the 1st person weapons look pretty good except the bynar and the stormie rifle. these both have got major problems.

-no weapon flashes

apart from that nice try.



EmonPosted: 12/09/02 22:20   Report Abuse
riojin, about that saber first person thing, well, you can't really avoid that. That's why Raven made the arms fade out, so that wouldn't happen.


Blade76Posted: 01/03/03 12:00   Report Abuse
freakin hell people... He did say he was gonna make it better. your critism only puts down, you might as well say it sucks..... i think its a good concept and will be improved. i give 7 (God's number of perfection)


Kyle_2002Posted: 02/04/03 21:11   Report Abuse
Wierd! I had the same problem as Maul. Its a cool idea though so i give it a 5! BTW, can anyone give me hlp on getting it working?


Joruus_C'BaothPosted: 08/28/03 21:59   Report Abuse
I didn't dl this, but look at screen 2. hehehe, Kyle's got a beer gut!


Lance KenobiPosted: 07/12/05 21:15   Report Abuse
I dont get whats the prob with this MOD it worked as a charm for me... i didnt see any glitches


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