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This is my second SP level I've made.

Kyle must get to an secret imperial base through its mines. You start at another part of the mines. The Imperials dug here until they found that there were ancient temples. The Imperials sent few patrols to these temples but nobody ever returned... However, one time, some of the troopers returned back to their base. When they came back, they started to kill other imperials. They had no weapons but still they had double their usual strength. The imperials saw this dangerous and after few battles they sealed these dangerous temples with tripmines and forcefields. The mines were also populated with lot of the mine monsters. The reason that the imperials continued the mining operation, was that the ground was very rich, full of the crystals that were also mined from Artus.

Few of the temples had been taken by imperials. Kyle decided to go through one of the dangerous mines. The Imperials had other mines that also led to the base, but Kyle thought that this cave would contain less Imperials.

IMPORTANT! This level was designed to work with the second part, which is under construction at the moment. The level ends when you walk in a cave and it will say that it can't load mine_part2.bsp! After this message, there will be some HOM and you fall to endless pit!!! After I finish the second part, it will load to the next level straight without the HOM effect.


Level Info:

Download: Imperial Mine: Part 1
File Size: 876k
Date: 12/14/02
Author: Heikki
Downloads: 3129


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 7
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Shadow89Posted: 12/14/02 19:58   Report Abuse
As a beta tester of this level, i thought that it was really good. I did find some flaws however but if you put that aside, this is one of the better levels for JO. i give this an 8/10


AKPiggottPosted: 12/14/02 22:53   Report Abuse
This is better than a lot of the rubbish released for JO SP. But it's still pretty mediocre.

The main problem I had with this was the enemy placement. Enemies placed in large groups, most particuarly the mine monsters. It makes the experience more frustrating than anything.

Architecture was failry bland, but texturing, lighting and the use of MD3s brightened it up.

There were a few errors too... GLMs kept flickering and there was some HOM too. But these were only minor issues.

It would've been nice to see some cutscenes (or any custom scripting for that matter).

My recommendation to the author (or any author interested in SP): keep at it and aim higher. You can do wonderful things with an engine like JOs given the time and effort. Use it to its potential. Please.



Heke7Posted: 12/15/02 09:52   Report Abuse
Thanks for your replies and comments. AS I said, this was my second SP level try. In the second part I tried to put the enemies to better places so they won't attack as one big group.


Jedi Knight_JoshuaPosted: 01/27/03 00:40   Report Abuse
looks cool can someone give me a step by step type tutorial on how to mak a level please I've been trying to make one but its so frustrating.


Heke7Posted: 01/27/03 18:56   Report Abuse
I can, wait for a while and I make a tutorial for you!;)


JK PhoenixPosted: 03/17/03 03:44   Report Abuse
You managed to create a very cool mood for the level. But it needs some work. Im not sure if I Finished, I got to the room with the ramp and the porter that takes you back to the beginning......


Heke7Posted: 03/17/03 08:57   Report Abuse
Thanks for your comment, but the level is not finished when you enter the teleporter that takes you back... Look the room very closely...(the room witht teleporter that takes you back...)


Jesus, P.I.Posted: 04/09/03 00:23   Report Abuse

This is my impression of the level so far. Unfortunately, "so far" is pretty short, as I am COMPLETELY stumped. I have gotten to the room with the ramp leading down to the teleport pad, and I do not know where to proceed.

Mr. divine level editor, I implore you. A simple clue to point me in the right direction. I like a puzzle as much as anyone, but this one has me completely stopped in my tracks.

With luck you will respond soon and I will be able to get back to my life.


Heke7Posted: 04/20/03 15:45   Report Abuse
You mean the teleport that takes you back to teleporter you once used? At the room where's the teleport, look at the right sde pillar. There's an switch there. ALso, thanks for your rating and try all the mine levels!


joren1990Posted: 10/24/03 14:06   Report Abuse
Can anybody make a tutorial or does anybody know a tutorial somewhere for building ladder levels? I want to start making levels.pleazzzz!


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