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Because it's quite a fast CTF level, a beta tester called it "fast and furious". In this level, you never have to walk for too long. This level only contains 8-bit mats, but I suggest that you only play it on a computer with a 3d-accelerator.


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Level Info:

Download: Fast and Furious CTF
File Size: 626k
Date: 12/15/02
Author: Matyy
Downloads: 737


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 5
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LeHahPosted: 12/15/02 15:30   Report Abuse
Great job with the mood and lighting. Some of the weapons seem a bit out of place considering how small the level is, but it is nonetheless really well put together.


zagibuPosted: 12/15/02 15:47   Report Abuse
One of the better CTF levels out there. Very well layed out and nice visual effects (light flares, light beams). Base can be reached via 5 different ways, what makes it hard to defend. Item placement is also well done. I gave it an eight, because it still prints the wrong cog messages.


Heke7Posted: 12/15/02 15:54   Report Abuse
Looks great. But how did you do those light beams and flares?


NAS_MatyyPosted: 12/15/02 15:58   Report Abuse
aj, oh, ok, i forgot this, because everything worked and i had a lot of other problems :( (and i have no real idea of cogging)

Heke7: check Jonc's advanced lighting tutorial here at massassi!


MormegilPosted: 12/15/02 21:50   Report Abuse
To get the messages working, you need to include the cogstrings.uni from the LEC CTF levels, remove the LEC level references at the bottom, add your own level info (taken from your cogstrings.uni). Update the Msgs number at the top (subtract the lines you deleted from the total, add the new lines). You're good to go.

"MATYYCTF2" 0 "Fast and Furious"
"MATYYCTF2_TEXT_00" 0 ""
"MATYYCTF2_TEXT_01" 0 " ICQ: 78221591"


TheRockPosted: 12/15/02 22:41   Report Abuse
GREAT i love the lighting gj


Mr. XPosted: 12/15/02 22:48   Report Abuse
I haven't downloaded this level,but from the screenshots it looks great.I love to see new levels on massassi keep um coming.rememebr kiddies,check out my levels or my forum!


RS__landerPosted: 06/07/03 19:07   Report Abuse
So, i am sorry that i couldn't bring a workin' version from the begining...

So, thanks to Mormegil, the cog issues are FIXED! + client side jumppads :)


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3D Preview developed by Stephan Reiter

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