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"The Legion of DEATH", a mod that ADDS now FIFTEEN new saber selections: Ice Saber, Silver Saber, Gold Saber, Bluishpurplesaber, Ghost Saber, Dark Green saber, Dark Blue saber, Pink Candy saber, Pale Blue saber, Intense Blue saber, Dark Gray saber, Acid saber and the real treat: The colour changing sabers! They change colour when you attack. There is a Blue/Red saber and an almighty RAINBOW SABER!

This mod can be used on both pure and non-pure servers that support it. For people without the mod, the pecial sabers appear to be blue. This is a golden moment for mod history, since any saber can be included, and now they can even change colour!

Months and months of studying the game source lead me to the creation of this mod, so please gimme some credit... ;)


Level Info:

Download: Legion of DEATH Saber Mod v2.0
File Size: 1.1Mb
Date: 12/16/02
Author: Janos Oudrin
Downloads: 3404


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 10
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Logo By Rieekan [http://www.outpostd34.com/]

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Gee_4cePosted: 12/16/02 19:58   Report Abuse
Hmm... looks none too shabby - piqued my curiosity so I'll download it! I'll rate it later...

...oh yeah and uhh w00t! First ever first comment!

Somehow that didn't feel as good as I hoped...


zizzy34Posted: 12/16/02 19:59   Report Abuse
zizzy's on a role, keep getting first commnets... wow i like the sabers, especially the ice saber mod...but are these for single player or for just for multiplyer.....wait i minute, i should download this....(zizzy is going estatic for having a thought)


Trigger Happy ChewiePosted: 12/17/02 01:14   Report Abuse
Is that a muticolored saber I see in the 2nd screenie? It looks cool!


Master KaizenPosted: 12/17/02 23:30   Report Abuse
hi, how do you activate the different color sabers is it the usual cheat sabercolor (color)? sorry if it sounds stupid


Jodo_Kast_BHGPosted: 12/18/02 20:19   Report Abuse
Looks very good, the first screenshot looks like some weapon right out of EverQuest or LOTR or something, the glow and the hilt just have that look, very cool. =]


Janos OudrinPosted: 12/19/02 15:00   Report Abuse
I'm very happy that you all like my mod... Thanks for all the good comments!
Now, I'm sorry but as it seems the SP source is'nt available in the same way as the MP source, I don't think this mod will ever be able to use with SP...

If you somehow can't select any new sabers using your normal player configuration window, try typing "color1" and a number from 0-20 in the console. For example "color1 16" for the intense blue saber.

About the hilt: It is one of my other creations, The Spikes of DEATH saber hilt, unfortunatly not included. You can find it at our clan webpage though, a link to it is in the file readme.

Oh, and I know there's only two screenshots here, but there's still 15 new sabers. ;)
Screenshots of every saber is in the main zip file.

Over and out
Janos Oudrin


SidiousPosted: 12/21/02 22:40   Report Abuse
This mod rocks, absolute best.
Here's that 10 I told you I'd give it!


drac paddockPosted: 12/30/02 17:30   Report Abuse
Hey Janos,

A bIG 10 from one of your clan-m8s.

Good job on this one,gotta love it.

Drac Paddock.


[DEATH]Insane*CPosted: 01/13/03 00:46   Report Abuse
Good work Janos, this mod deserves a 10 from the I*C. (not to mention the bluishpurple :)

Keep up da' great work my friend!



Manslayer01Posted: 02/05/05 21:28   Report Abuse
i don't like the color of the new sabers, cept in the first screenshot, but oh my god he added sabers...how???


Manslayer01Posted: 02/05/05 21:31   Report Abuse
oh...9/10 for adding new sabers


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