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Your small cargo ship has crashed on an unknown planet. The planet seemed to be uninhabited, until you found another crashed fighter. You must search your way through this quiet and desolate planet and find your enemy... before he finds you!

This is my first level. It is meant to be played with NF Guns. If you are a common visitor to Massassi's Forums then you may have seen me around. I posted some screenshots of this level a month ago but it has come a long way since then. This level is set in the day but a night version may be released later. Also, don't judge the screenshots; they're JPEG and not the best quality pictures ever. Please give it a try before you rate it. Have fun!


3D Preview

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Level Info:

Download: Sand Trap
File Size: 999k
Date: 12/21/02
Author: Dark__Knight
Downloads: 471


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 14
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Trainer_PatrickPosted: 12/21/02 01:26   Report Abuse
***Trainer_Patrick's Review***

Wow. This is very good for a first level. A good use of Massassi's 3DO's. It looks like it can be a saber level for the big open area with the two ship's in it. It was small, and it looked a little boxy in one or two area's, but other then that, it gave you a big canyon type feeling to it. The architecture is very good for a first timer, and the weapons placement was good. Very good level for a first timer. I'm very impressed.

Rating: 8/10


TheRockPosted: 12/21/02 01:48   Report Abuse
great level my friend, like he said especailly for a 1st, how long did it take u to make?


Mystic0Posted: 12/21/02 01:50   Report Abuse
I liked this level a lot. Great use of massassi resourses and terrain. It also flowed fairly well, except for that the open areas we kind of bland because of so much sand. I suggest you put in something to make the sand a little more interesting (like rocks on the ground.) Great job!

Rating: 9/10


VegetaPosted: 12/21/02 06:33   Report Abuse


RazielNokPosted: 12/21/02 16:43   Report Abuse
Much imporvement over the beta that i had. Very good. 7.


Dark__KnightPosted: 12/21/02 20:50   Report Abuse
Thanks everyone, this level took me around 1 and a half months to make (on and off). I'm glad you all enjoyed the level. As for the areas that seemed "empty" and open, well it's supposed to be an un-inhabbited planet. I guess rocks would make it seem better, so in the Night Version that will come out later, i'll add some more stuff in like that. As for small, I felt it was a medium sized level, especially the large sand area, in which you could transfer from one side, and then move into the canyon area, also included with an oasis. I plan to release many levels to come, so look forward to seeing more of my work. I guess this being my first level, could mean that i can go a long distance from here if i work harder, well thanks guys, and keep up the downloads and comments :)


zagibuPosted: 12/22/02 01:14   Report Abuse
I gave it an 8. It's a nice level. If you are still doing a night version, make sure that you add some loose rocks to make the empty areas a bit more interesting. And the borders of the largest area shouldnt be vertical, just make them very steep.


Dark_Jedi_YunPosted: 12/25/02 05:07   Report Abuse
Wow!!!!! This is one SWEET level!!!! One of the best I ever played!!!! If anyone thinks this is a bad level then their INSANE!!!!!!!!


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