KOR Mines

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This is a mining area on the planet of Ruusan, a small backwater planet.

This map can be played in any game type and it contains full bot support.


Level Info:

Download: KOR Mines
File Size: 7Mb
Date: 12/22/02
Author: Darth T-Bone
Downloads: 1218


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 11
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Logo By Rieekan [http://www.outpostd34.com/]

User Comments:

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Wolf DevilPosted: 12/22/02 12:37   Report Abuse
It looks like Artus... *shudders when thinking of the lag* I'll check it out. It looks ok from the screenshots


XrystralPosted: 12/22/02 12:47   Report Abuse
Very nice level, the design is good, the lighting is well done and the best part is the way the layout is designed. I rated it a nine, it is a very good level but not quite enough for a ten...


SidiousPosted: 12/22/02 14:04   Report Abuse
Awesome map! 10! Make some more like this!


Trigger Happy ChewiePosted: 12/22/02 15:11   Report Abuse
You got yourself a 10 by saying full bot support.


Wolf DevilPosted: 12/22/02 17:00   Report Abuse
Ok, I'm back and ready to rate.

1) Great architecture, however rocky areas are not rockey at all
2) Am I the only one that finds a single spawn point bad?
3) Yeah, it's laggy. Perhaps you should make a few more smaller versions suitable for 6 to 12 players, rather than 20 to 40.

Rating: 7/10

You know, you people really should learn to rate levels more appropriatly


LeHahPosted: 12/22/02 17:09   Report Abuse
If it wasn't for lag, this level would be tremendous! 8/10


zizzy34Posted: 12/22/02 22:17   Report Abuse
i give it a ten because there is no lag on my computer...maybe because i built my computer specifically to play this game....but people are right, it would be even better if it were meant for 6-10 people


Corran2015Posted: 12/23/02 00:23   Report Abuse
THANKYOU for not making a single room "art" duel level or a "Sith dark evil bad dark sith temple". A big, fun, level, thankyou. I played it, I loved it,


EmonPosted: 12/23/02 01:18   Report Abuse
If it's "laggy", turn down your detail settings or get a better computer.


Wolf DevilPosted: 12/23/02 03:45   Report Abuse
Right, like people are gonna get a better computer cuz of this one level


Joren DarkStarPosted: 12/23/02 05:56   Report Abuse
I'm going to get a better computer for this one level!


Darth TBonePosted: 12/28/02 23:03   Report Abuse
Thanks for the comments. Like the read me file says, this was my second map. For those of you that have played KOR Mines, I'd be greatfull if you could send me an email (not a post) of good and bad thoughts you've had with this map, as it will help me when I start the next map (starting Jan 1st).

Sorry about the single start point for FFA games. It's a CTF map and I forgot to add more start points. Oops!



SithLord7Posted: 02/04/03 19:22   Report Abuse
This is your 2nd lvl!! Awesome!! What got my attention was full bot sppurt and the secret rooms the immense size and large amount of quality funness(yeah thats right funness). Great lvl. 10.


cougar_ukPosted: 02/24/03 10:12   Report Abuse
This level is great so much to explore...
Great sniping positions too, shame the AI don't stand still for long enough!


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