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Having survived Part 1, Kyle is now closer to the Imperial base. The Imperials almost totally control this area and unfortunatly, the areas which the Imperials don't control, are overrun by mine monsters!

IMPORTANT! The level was designed to work with the third part! So the level ends there where the elevator takes you up and it says that it can't find mine_impbase.bsp!

Please read the readme for further information.


Level Info:

Download: Imperial Mines: Part 2
File Size: 4.8Mb
Date: 12/23/02
Author: Heikki
Downloads: 2567


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 1
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AKPiggottPosted: 12/23/02 17:12   Report Abuse
You've released the second one already? A good SP level takes months to make.


Heke7Posted: 12/23/02 18:51   Report Abuse
Well, I'm just learning to do levels, so I just think that best way to learn it is to study and learn from errors. I don't want to start to do a level that takes months to finish because I'm not capable for that right now, because it would be waste of time because I'm not so good editor. So I do few levels, and then start somekind of big project.


zizzy34Posted: 12/23/02 20:10   Report Abuse
doesn't look to bad, i will give it a try and get back to u later


Jedi Knight_JoshuaPosted: 01/27/03 00:43   Report Abuse
I'll download it as soon as the first parts done can someone pleas tell me how to mak a level like this using radiant in easy to understand words


Heke7Posted: 01/27/03 18:55   Report Abuse
I can, wait for a while and I make a tutorial for you!;)


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