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LADDER - Type map with several new options.

- 2 Maps. "Crash_landing" and "ladder_xmas"
- over 50 enemies in 18 waves.
- NEW Cutscenes
- many, many scripts
- snow effect
- new shaders and textures
- new Skybox with moving clouds
- some new NPC's without replacing the old characters
- new Game Menu with difficulty settings and snow :D
- customisable and free selectable Jedi-Helpers
- and much, much fun ! :D

There is no really a story...
Kyle has some Problems with imperial tie-fighters on his way. Crash landing. Kyle is on a unknown, rocky Planet where he founds a small Portal. After going in, he finds himself on a cold Christmas Planet...

Mission Objectives:
Just survive and see the end-cutscene, but caution, it is possible to die of laughter! :D


Level Info:

Download: LADDER - The Xmas Story
File Size: 17.0MB
Date: 12/26/02
Author: Darth Arth (Artur L.) and Kenshin (Chris V.)
Downloads: 4452


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 10
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User Comments:

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The Lone RoguePosted: 12/26/02 04:31   Report Abuse
Looks good, but I believe it's mislabled. It's JO, is it not? It's been put in the JK single player area.


PommyPosted: 12/26/02 06:14   Report Abuse
No it hasn't. You misread ;)

I made sure the file was in the right place when I posted it.


Corran2015Posted: 12/26/02 10:33   Report Abuse
Hehe nice, i would've called it nuke the elves though :P perhaps that would better suit a guns version. Have snowmen stormies... they pretty much look like evil snowmen anyway :P


AKPiggottPosted: 12/26/02 11:33   Report Abuse
No, no, no, NO!

Please everyone, stop making Ladder levels! It's a complete waste of talent! You've played one, you've played them all. Go out and maker PROPER Single Player levels! Please no more of this rubbish.


SidiousPosted: 12/26/02 12:58   Report Abuse
What's wrong with Ladder levels? They're a good way to practice scripting.


Storm ChaserPosted: 12/26/02 13:28   Report Abuse
great mod! I loved it! perfect Christmas gift for everyone. Especially since it was my only gift this year lol. Keep up the good work! DadMad I loooovvveee the snow excellent job done by everyone.


HebedeePosted: 12/26/02 14:30   Report Abuse
Practice shmractice. It looks good on the inside, but, really, one ladder level is the same as the rest. I could go into a Raven made level and hit npc spawn reborn and make a ladder level. Make a real SP level, please.


Hekx_NoxuPosted: 12/26/02 15:13   Report Abuse
Very nice work :)
I love the snow effect in maps now, and since this is the first time I've seen it used in SP, this is definetly worth the download.

Good work!


Darth ArthPosted: 12/26/02 18:37   Report Abuse

it's only a Xmas-Present & Joke to all JKII fans and my definitively last LADDER-Type map!
Now I'm working on big Story with many Maps and complete new story ..., but it will be take a while :D

CU, D.A.
(under construction now)


Darth VedderPosted: 12/26/02 22:08   Report Abuse
hekx, didn't the jk2 demo feature snow? yup so it isn't the first level.

I couldn't be bothered with this level, it's the same as every other ladderlevel basicly. (Yes, sure it does have a few extra thingies) Now use the skill you've created while making this level, to make a good story-based sp level.


DarkDraxPosted: 12/27/02 10:49   Report Abuse
hey arth, good to see this up :D, from the screenshots i've seen (other then the ones on the file)it looks mighty fine!! I'll see if i can get my mate 2 d'load it from his work, my 56k cant handle large files like this!!


Trigger Happy ChewiePosted: 12/27/02 18:53   Report Abuse
This level was really fun, and I liked the cutscene. What are those grey guys, those guys creep me out!


DakkonPosted: 01/29/03 00:41   Report Abuse
Very nice, but I can't figure out how to kill that Emporer guy! He's invincible. I mean, he's not killing me, he's just WAY too tough.


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