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This is a large Yavin-themed capture the flag map intended for fast paced play. The fighting takes place amongst temple ruins. Players must battle through tunnels, fallen pillars and some of the remaining intact structures. There are multiple escape routes for attackers and plenty of places for defenders to trap their opponents. This level works best with 8-16 plyers with all guns and force powers enabled. The focus of the map is more on gameplay rather than graphical detail as it is intended for competitive ladder play.


Level Info:

Download: Yavin Ruins CTF
File Size: 1.7Mb
Date: 12/30/02
Author: Legacy
Downloads: 1088


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 4
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Logo By Rieekan [http://www.outpostd34.com/]

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pcjedi007Posted: 12/30/02 13:47   Report Abuse
Wow!!! The screen shots look sweet. You did a good job once my other computer gets internet i will definently d/l (sry for spelling, hate english)


XrystralPosted: 12/30/02 14:08   Report Abuse
Very nice map, the structure is built well and objects seem to blend nicely together, I gave it a score of eight...


DSettahrPosted: 12/30/02 18:52   Report Abuse
It looks good, but the temple theme is starting to become way over-used these days...


Trigger Happy ChewiePosted: 12/30/02 19:29   Report Abuse
it's too bright!


Hekx_NoxuPosted: 12/30/02 20:50   Report Abuse
It's not that bright in-game.
I think the screenshots have had the brightness enhanced because most of the time people complain about it being too dark, heh.

This is a good map; which has bot support.
The only thing I didn't like the look of was the red lining around the Red area's logo thing. The red looks a little too bright than the logo's red.
But I don't mind that; so overall a good CTF map.


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3D Preview developed by Stephan Reiter

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