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These are a pair of deathmatch levels I decided to create whilst taking a break from The Sniper Missions to recollect my thoughts. The levels are called "The Arena of Souls", and "Fuel Tower".

The Arena of Souls is a saber deathmatch level, fast and tight, with one or two surprises.

Fuel Tower is a much larger level, good for FFA or Team FFA. The elevators may make this level more laggy then others. This level is more geared towards FX than the Arena of Souls.

This pack also includes a demo of my upcoming CTF level, CTF Aquatic, so make sure to bring your umbrella and take a look at the storms I created. (see one of the screenshots).

I hope you enjoy all of these levels.


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Level Info:

Download: Descent_pilot's Level Pack
File Size: 498k
Date: 12/31/02
Author: Descent_pilot
Downloads: 232


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 5
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ReAcToRPosted: 12/31/02 17:01   Report Abuse
Please re-release a version of your pack that allows you to cycle through the levels by using the "endlevel" command in the console. When you do not do this, it causes problems for the host, because when he/she watches the credits after each level, they will then have to close and reopen JK because of network error that almost always occurs. It's also just handy to be able to cycle between levels.

I'd like to beta-test the CTF level once you're ready for testing. My e-mail is if interested. My CTF clan (NDS) will play the level 2v2 and let you know what we come up with as far as glitches and gameplay issues.


Descent_PilotPosted: 01/01/03 07:35   Report Abuse
*Sweeps few problems under rug*

Expect CTF Aquatic by the end of January. I also need to think up a better name for the pack. Thats all I'm going to comment on on my levels.


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