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The year is 4001. The Earth's atmosphere has completely dissipated into nothing. The Earth is no more than a populated asteroid circling the Sun. Most humans have fled to other newly found life supporting planets but a large few wish to remain on their home planet.

The Human Conservation Act, passed by President George Bush XV in 3984, forced all governments in the Inter-Planetary Union to contribute to the construction of hundreds of Human Conservation Buildings throughout Earth. When alien nations threatened the IPU, some of these buildings were converted into military bases. But when the aliens died out from human viruses, these military bases were repopulated with the average public.

SM HQ is based in Human Conservation Building #214 - La Paz, Baja California, Earth. Building #214 is more like a self-contained city than a housing project. It has many recreational facilities such as a shooting gallery, boxing arena, movie theater, and more. But it also contains some combat training facilities from when it was a military base. Some of these include the Pillar Training Area, Zero-G Training, Anti-Gravity Tube and many more.

Building #214 also has many apartments for it's inhabitants. Some of these are high-class living quarters, and others are small, run down apartments in the building's ghetto.

Warning: This level uses some 16-bit textures.


Level Info:

Download: Sith Mercenary Headquarters
File Size: 5.78Mb
Date: 01/01/03
Author: SM_Sith_Lord
Downloads: 2213


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 19
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DarKreTwelPosted: 01/01/03 01:48   Report Abuse
Wow!!! This is being re-released! This is a well made map, really fun. I gave it a 10.


GhostOfYodaPosted: 01/01/03 02:19   Report Abuse
Apart from the fact you didn't, DarKreTwel.


DarKreTwelPosted: 01/01/03 03:28   Report Abuse
Whoah weird, triple post, and my rating didnt show up 0_o


EL3CTROPosted: 01/01/03 04:05   Report Abuse
Wow! I remember seeing this on TEO :) I'm downloading it now, good thing to finally play it, and I already know it will be a VERY good level :)


GhostOfYodaPosted: 01/01/03 13:05   Report Abuse
-=Delete me please=-


GhostOfYodaPosted: 01/01/03 13:06   Report Abuse
-=Delete me please=-


_BlizzardPrincess_Posted: 01/01/03 16:00   Report Abuse
Perfect ten! Thats pretty much all, nice game play. You can use it for both battle AND RPG (thats good for me). Yeah, thats about it, except: perfect 10, once again.


slim_sheepyPosted: 01/01/03 19:41   Report Abuse
hes submitted it about 10 times, massassdi always finds something objectionable so they dont post it and when he sent it this time they poured over every inch of the lvl thats y it hasnt been here b4


Corran2015Posted: 01/02/03 00:32   Report Abuse
What were they finding in the past and whats different with the new one?


James_SaibotPosted: 01/02/03 04:23   Report Abuse
They found porn in it. ;P.

Blizzard princess you RPG JK? Cool....Wanna get together to RPG sometime on the zone? I'm tired of newbs ruining my rpg games. My zone name is James_Saibot.


SM_Sith_LordPosted: 01/02/03 05:41   Report Abuse
Wrong James_Saibot, there is no nor was there ever any porn in this level. Some people found one of my mats to be racially offensive, so it was taken down.


Corran2015Posted: 01/02/03 05:58   Report Abuse
The porn is just a rumor that got twisted around on massassi's forums and chat.

Now I remember that mat, still in my copy. The most you'd find is women in ..small but still covering clothing.


BeefCaikePosted: 01/02/03 16:09   Report Abuse
No pr0n? Aww screw it! *Hits cancel button*


BeefCaikePosted: 01/02/03 16:09   Report Abuse
No pr0n? Aww screw it! *Hits cancel button*


BeefCaikePosted: 01/02/03 22:52   Report Abuse
So wut if I like to enjoy the sight of a nice round naked booty looking me square in the face, or even a pair of gorgeous pointy semi-launchpad baby-balloons? Wut the hell is wrong wit dat?


Dark_SaberPosted: 01/03/03 15:00   Report Abuse
This is the best level I have EVER played on. It is right up there with DOTR HQ. BTW, BeefCaike, porn is one of the things in society that we could do without. Keep the RPG levels coming!


BeefCaikePosted: 01/04/03 23:21   Report Abuse
LOL, you nerds actually believe me.


_im2ez4u_Posted: 01/15/03 07:24   Report Abuse
I hate to tell you guys... but there IS porn in this level :P It's not a rumor. There is a patch that allows you to see all the original porn SM was forced to take out in order to put it on massassi. I think SM should have actually finished the "unfinished secrets", because some of them would have made INCREDIBLE secrets if they were finished, like the cinema and water tunnel. Because of this, I gave it a 9.


BTP_G_megamanPosted: 02/25/03 20:32   Report Abuse
[(O_O)] by god there are alot of women in here and OMG BUSH SWEET LEVEL but tell me 1 thing WHAT IS SO GREAT ABOUT floor 3 i keep on killing my self in there =P a perfect 10 mate nice level but it could use some better music =)


Black_RoninPosted: 03/16/03 19:50   Report Abuse
Hooray For boobies!
Other than that, this level rox.


OneOhWorstPosted: 03/19/03 04:32   Report Abuse
Perfect 10. It wowed me. I love RPG and this one i'm keeping in my Episode folder. Me and my friends play it all the time. I like the secrets too.



NesseightPosted: 09/07/03 16:26   Report Abuse
The music only sucks because after a certain ammount of seconds (like 15) it becomes not-legal. Besides that, music DRASTICLY increases the file size!

However, there is no CRC/MD5 checking that I am aware of in JK, so you can edit the .wav's to your heart's content. That is, if you have the editing knowlegde to do it without messing up the header in the music file to generate that nice, realistic "station not selected" sound that you get when you do that with an actual radio.

As far as any pr0n patch (please use this word so filters/search engine safteys don't think that the page contains inappropriate content, which it doesn't). to my knowledge that is a myth, any patch was released later afterward, and to my knowledge, Sith's host at the time disallowed him from hosting such a thing directly (at release time, that host was me, incase you didn't pick up on my sarcasm). You guys are thinking about the original Purgatory, as it had a "Natalie Portman" pic at the secret where you now see a gun fire at a dflt.mat texture.

I forget what dimensions the pic are supposed to be, but I am sure if you put a .mat of your choice in your resource/mat folder, you can replace the dflt.mat texture with your custom mat. but that's another level entirely.

My only 2 complaints are 1) the music that plays in one of the secret rooms never stops if you get fragged while it's playing, and 2: that incomplete "hell" looking thing's floor isn't flagged.

But since it is an incomplete area, and is marked as such with a cog, I can't take from that, and I won't take from the batman music bug either, since he obviously made his own cog, as JK has it's own method of rendering background music. so I give him an F for eFfort on that one.

- SM Nesseight


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